List of Fundraising Ideas for Unique Fundraisers and Fundraising Events

A complete list of fundraising ideas for everything from raising donations for your church, to supporting your child's school or sports team!

List of Fundraising Ideas

50-50 Raffle - A Quick and Easy Fundraiser

Fast Fundraising Ideas - 10 Quick and Easy Ways to Boost Donations

Auction Fundraising Ideas - Silent Auction Fundraisers and Auction Fundraising Ideas

An Easy Fundraising Idea - Host A Resume Writing Workshop

Appreciation Quotes - 10 Best Appreciation Quotes for Fundraising

Babysitting Flyers - Promote Your Babysitting Business or Babysitting Fundraisers.

Bake Sale Flyers - Flyer Templates for Profitable Bake Sales

Bake Sale Ideas - Tasty Ideas for Successful Bake Sales

Bake Sale Posters - Posters to Advertise Your Charity Bake Sale

Band Flyer Ideas - Promote Your Band or Live Music Event or Fundraiser

Beach Party Invitations - Fun Beach Party Greeting Cards for Parties and Fundraisers

Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas - Fundraising Ideas and Pink Ribbon Products for Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraisers

Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Cards - For Charity Fundraisers, Invitations and Announcements

Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Stickers - Pink Ribbon Stickers for Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraisers

Breast Cancer Posters - Pink Ribbon Prints for Charity Fundraisers

Candle Fundraisers - Easy to Organize with GREAT Profits

Campus and College Fundraiser - 10 Best College Fundraising Event Ideas for Campuses, Colleges, Universities, Fraternities and Sororities.

Campus Fundraising Ideas - Simple and Fun Fundraising Ideas for Colleges and Schools

Charity Event Ideas - 100 Great Charity Event Ideas for Successful Fundraisers

Charity Fundraising Idea - A Unique Charity Fundraising Idea for a Wishing Well Fundraiser

Charity Quotes - Inspirational Charity Quotes for Fundraisers

A Cheerleading Fundraiser - A Fun Cheerleading Fundraiser and 10 Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas

Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas - Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas with Free Cheers to Help Your Squad Raise Funds

Christian Fundraising Ideas - Christian Fundraising Ideas at Christmas and throughout the Year

Christmas Tree Shop Flyer Templates - Christmas Fundraisers for Non-profits and Churches

Church Flyer Templates - Flyers for Church Fundraisers and Christian Fundraising Events

Church Fundraising Idea - An Easy Church Fundraising Idea: A Community Wide Barter Fair

Church Fundraising Ideas - Unique Church Fundraising Ideas

Church Posters - Promote Your Church Fundraisers

Coffee Fundraisers - Coffee Fundraisers and Unique Coffee Fundraising Ideas

Coffee Posters - Coffee Posters to Promote Your Coffee Fundraiser

Computer Repair Flyer Templates - Plus Computer Clinic Fundraiser Ideas

Creative Fundraising Idea - Brainstorming for Donations

Creative Fundraising Ideas - Top 20 Creative and Unique Ideas for Fundraisers

Different Fundraising Ideas - Don't Flock With The Flamingos!

Elementary School Fundraiser - Easy Elementary School Fundraiser: Cash for Lego Pieces

Elementary School Fundraisers - 10 Principal Fundraising Rules for Great Elementary School Fundraisers

Elementary School Fundraising Idea - Creative Elementary School Fundraising Idea

Event Flyer Ideas - 25 Unique Event Flyer Designs and Fundraising Ideas for Charities

Fast Fundraising Ideas - 10 Quick and Easy Ways to Boost Donations

Fitness Flyer Templates - For Health and Exercise Fundraisers

Flower Invitations - For Tropical-Themed Parties and Fundraisers

Flyer Examples - Flyer Examples for a Wide Variety of Fundraisers and Fundraising Events

Flyer Ideas - 10 Best Flyer Ideas for Events

Flyer Templates - Unique Fundraising Flyer Templates and Creative Flyer Designs

Free Fundraising Ideas - A List of Free Fundraising Ideas

Fund Raising Ideas - The Best Fund Raising Ideas for Non-Profits

Fundraising Calendar Ideas - Fundraising Calendar Ideas for Non-Profits

Fundraising Christmas Ideas - Fundraising Christmas Ideas for Church and School Fundraisers

Fundraising Event Idea - Wii and Wine Night for Kids of All Ages

Fundraising Event Ideas - Unique Fundraising Event Ideas for Non-Profits

Fundraiser Flyers - Unique Fundraiser Flyers for Charity Events

Fundraising Flyer Ideas - 20 Creative and Unique Fundraising Flyer Ideas

Fundraising Ideas for Churches - 5 Fun and Different Ideas for Church Fundraisers

Fundraising Ideas for Kids - Fundraising Ideas for Kids: Oodles of Fun and Loads of Cash

Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups - Combine your Unique Talents and Raise Funds as a Team

Fundraising Products - 10 Best Fundraising Products Plus Unique Fund Raising Product Ideas

Fun Fundraising Ideas - 10 Fun Fundraising Ideas for Charity Events and Fundraising Activities

Funny Fundraising Ideas - List of Funny Fundraising Ideas for Fundraisers and Events

Golf Fundraising Ideas - Profitable Ideas for Charity Golf Fundraisers

Golf Tournament - One of the Most Profitable Fundraisers You'll Ever Do!

Golf Gift Ideas - Gift Ideas for Golf Fundraiser Raffle Prizes and Silent Auction Items

Good Fundraising Ideas - Good Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits Sorted by Category

Gratitude Quotes - Gratitude and Thank You Quotes for Fundraising

Halloween Party Flyer - Halloween Party or Fundraising Event Flyer Templates

Hawaiian Luau Invitations - Invites for Luau Parties and Hawaiian-Themed Fundraising Events

Heads or Tails Raffle - Easy to Organize and LOTS of Fun!

High School Fundraiser - A Unique and Life-Changing High School Fundraiser

House Cleaning Flyer Templates - Promote Your House Cleaning Fundraiser or Business

Ideas for Fundraising Activities - Community Volunteer Cleanups

Ideas for Church Fundraising - Ideas for Church Fundraising and a Unique Fundraising Event

Internet Fundraising - Internet Fundraising for Today

Invitation Flyer Templates - Customize for Business, Personal or Fundraising Needs

Lawn Care Flyer Templates - Advertise Your Landscaping or Lawn Care Business or Fundraisers

Unique List of Fundraising Ideas - A List of Unique Ideas for Fundraisers and Events

Nightclub Flyer Templates - Flyers to Promote Your Nightclub or Dance-Theme Fundraising Event

No Frills Flyer Templates - Simple Fundraising Flyer Ideas

Non-Profit Fundraising - My Story about Non-Profit Fundraising, and why I Recommend Barter

Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas - Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas and Tips from Barter and Trade Exchange Experts

NonProfit Fundraising - Nonprofit Fundraising and Barter and Trade Exchanges

Office Fundraising Ideas - Simple and Fun Fundraising Ideas for the Office

Online Fundraising - A Great Free Online Fundraising Idea

Party Flyers - Templates for Parties and Fundraising Events

Pink Ribbon Cards - Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Greeting Cards

Pink Ribbon Mugs - Pink Ribbon Mug Ideas for Breast Cancer Fundraisers

Pink Ribbon Products - Gifts and Merchandise for Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraisers

Preschool Fundraising Ideas - Painting Faces and Creating Magical Memories

Prom Fundraising Ideas - Fundraising Ideas for a Perfect Prom Night

Prom Invitations - A Prom Fundraising Idea Creating Your Own Prom Invitations

Quotes to Say Thank You - Best Inspirational Quotes to Thank Volunteers and Supporters

Rave Flyers - Promote Your Rave Party or Rave Fundraising Event

Reverse Raffles - A Fun New Twist on an Old Idea

Salon Flyers - Promote Your Beauty-Themed Fundraisers or Salon Business

School Fundraiser - A Free, Easy, Fast and Online School Fundraising Idea for Teachers' Day

School Fundraiser Ideas - Fundraiser Ideas for Preschools, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools

Scratchcard Fundraisers - Easy to Organize, Big Profits and Small Overheads

Sell Customized T-Shirts - Design your own unique shirts with NO upfront cost

Silent Auction Fundraising Ideas - Silent Auction Fundraising Ideas and Lists of Silent Auction Item Ideas

Simple Fundraising Idea - An Inside-Out and Back-to-Front Fundraiser

Simple Fundraising Ideas - Top 5 Easy and Simple Fundraising Ideas

Soccer Fundraising Idea - A Fast and Memorable Soccer Team Fundraiser

Soccer Fundraising Ideas - Sports Fundraising Ideas for Your Soccer Team

Sports Fundraiser - Unique Sports Fundraiser and Team Fundraising Ideas

Successful Fundraising Ideas - Community and Family Health and Fitness Fundraisers

Teacher Appreciation Poems - Teacher Poems to Say Thank You for Teachers' Day and Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Quotes - Quotes to Say Thank You for Helping with School Fundraisers

Tea Towel/Dish Towel Fundraiser - Find out why I HIGHLY recommend creating custom tea towels to meet your fundraising goals

Unique Fundraising Events - Fundraising Event Ideas that are Fun, Different and Unique

Unique Fundraising Ideas - Unique Ideas for Non-Profit Fundraisers and Fundraising Events

Western Flyer Templates - Unique Flyer Templates and Designs for a Western-Themed Fundraiser

Wine Tasting Invitations - Invitations for Wine Tasting Parties and Fundraising Events

Youth Fundraising Ideas - 70 Youth Fundraising Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Fundraising Ideas Contributed by Site Visitors

Funny Jokes and Laughs Fundraiser

My Funniest Fundraiser Memories from South Africa

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