Fast Fundraising Ideas

There are occasions when your organization desperately needs a boost of funds, but there just isn't time to organize a fully-fledged event.

So here are 10 fast fundraising ideas - easy ways to boost donations that require very little time or organization.

1. Inside Out and Back to Front Day

Invite staff members/students/colleagues (depending on your organization) to wear their clothing inside out, or back to front, or both, for the WHOLE day!

There are 2 ways to raise funds using this method.

  1. You can ask for a fixed donation from each participant.
  2. You can set a fixed amount per item. Ask participants to pay this amount, then give them the corresponding amount of raffle tickets. At the end of the day, draw the raffle. The winner receives a fixed percentage of the profits as a prize.

To illustrate:

Sarah wears her coat, T-shirt and hat inside out. The pre-arranged cost for each item is $1, so Sarah donates $3. You then give her 3 raffle tickets. At the end of the day, you draw the raffle and Sarah wins. The total amount raised by the raffle was $200. The advertised prize was 25% of the pot, so Sarah wins $50. Obviously, the more items a person wears inside out, the higher their donation and the higher their chance of winning!

2. Rent a Costume and Sell Photos

For this idea, find any event going on in your area that's likely to attract a crowd. Contact the organizers and explain what your group does. Ask if you would be allowed to sell fundraising photos at their event.

Once you have permission, rent a cute costume (for example, Easter Bunny, Elf, Minion, teddy bear, depending on the suitability for the event) then attend on the day, along with a helper. 

Have your helper invite families with children to pose for photos with you, then sell them the photo. You could offer an inexpensive emailed shot, ranging to a nicely framed set!

Fast fundraising ideas

3. Friday Dress Down

An oldie but a goodie!

Invite students/employees etc to dress casually for one Friday per month, in exchange for a fixed donation.

4. 50-50 Raffle

This fast fundraising idea is always popular and incredibly easy to run, alongside another event.

Find out more here

5. Change Jars

Put out change jars - brightly decorated to invite donations - and place at strategic points around your office/school etc.

Some people hate carrying loose change and will happily dump it into your jar!

6. Donation Button

Whilst this idea may not be 'fast' in terms of how quickly it raises revenue, it IS quick to set up. It's also one of those things you can 'set and forget', as - hopefully - the donations begin to come in.

Simply place a very visible 'Donate Now' button on every page of your website. Don't be shy about it - it's important to make it as easy as possible for potential donors to contribute. Please see this link  about online fundraising with Paypal, which makes the entire process incredibly simple.

7. Crazy Hair Day

A fun alternative to the Friday Dress Down! Invite everyone to attend work/school etc with the wildest/wackiest hairstyle they can come up with, in exchange for a fixed donation.

Consider offering a prize for the most creative idea.

8. Heads or Tails Raffle

This fast fundraising idea is perfect for holding in conjunction with another event, or wherever a crowd is gathered. Overheads are minimal and little organization is needed.

Here's how it works

9. Sell Quality Coffees and Teas

This is an idea that requires investment, but from which you can start seeing revenue very quickly.

If you have a captive audience - preferably an office or factory full of workers! - consider buying a restaurant quality espresso and cappuccino maker. I'd recommend looking for a good, used model to start with - once you've seen evidence of the viability of this idea for your group, you can always upgrade.

You will also need high quality ingredients, including coffees, teas and creamers, along with some attractive serving mugs.

Then start selling these delicious drinks. Take a look at the pricing of some of the coffee shop chains - obviously you want yours to be cheaper, but it shows you just how much people are prepared to pay for good quality coffee.

10. Collect a Million Pennies

Another idea that's 'fast' in terms of its set-up and organization is the million penny collection.

This idea always seems to captivate people and you'll find that everyone is quite willing to donate their pennies (which feels like a small contribution) in order to achieve the goal.

It's a good idea to set up the collection container in a visible location, as this will inspire people to keep adding to it. Here's a graphic to give you an idea of the kind of space a million pennies occupies.

And guess what?

One million pennies equals an impressive TEN THOUSAND dollars!

Million pennies fundraiser

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