Unique Fundraising Ideas for
Fun and Profitable Fundraisers

Discover a wealth of unique fundraising ideas for your non-profit fundraisers and unique fundraising events.

What does unique mean to you?

The dictionary defines unique as having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable.

If you are planning a fundraiser, or a fundraising event, and you decide to make it truly unique, the financial rewards will be unique too.

When you take the time and effort to think outside the donation box, the funds you raise for your charity will also be unparalleled and incomparable.

Ask yourself, and any other members of your committee or team, to think bigger... to think differently... to think beyond the norm. Your ideas will astound all of you when you decide that your fundraiser will be unique and the best ever.

Unique Ideas for Fundraising Events

Unique fundraising ideas

A one-of-a-kind fundraising event starts at the planning stage. If you decide that everything about your event will be unique, it will be.

It can be tempting, in our rushed and sometimes crazy lives, to simply repeat an event that was successful in the past.

Keep in mind though, that by thinking bigger and better this time around, your next event will be even more profitable. When you make every aspect of your fundraiser totally unique, the funds you raise for your non-profit organization will be bigger and better too.

A unique fundraising event includes as many of the following aspects as possible:

  • A Unique Venue
  • Attention-Getting Fundraising Flyers
  • An Unusual Guest List
  • Unique Invitations
  • Different Sponsors
  • Unexpected Surprises for Your Guests
  • Exciting Prizes
  • An Original Theme
  • Extraordinary Food and Beverages
  • Unique Activities
  • Memorable Thank You Cards

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Planning these events can be exciting and a whole lot of fun too, especially when you give yourselves permission to do everything differently.

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