Scratchcard Fundraisers - 
Different Ways to Make Them Work for YOUR Organization

Scratchcard fundraisers are an EASY way to bring in extra donations for your group or organization.

You can set them up at little (or even no) cost to yourself, EVERYONE can take part and they're fun – people just can't resist scratchcards!

Want to get started?

Here are some different ways that scratchcard fundraisers can be used by YOUR organization...

We're all familiar with scratchcards – printed cards where you scratch off a coating in one (or more) areas to reveal 'something' underneath.

What that something is – and the kind of scratchcard you'll need – depends on how you want to operate your fundraiser and which type you think will work best for you.

Here are a few suggestions…

Scratch and Win

With this method, supporters of your organization buy scratchcards from you.

You set the price and determine the prize (obviously it's best if the prize is low-cost or, better still, donated!).

You can use pre-printed cards – such as these, which simply reveal whether or not the cardholder is a 'winner'.

Scratch and Win Scratch Off Game Cards

Alternatively, you can create your own scratch off game cards, enabling you to setup your fundraiser at less expense.

You can either opt for something like the 'Scratch 'n See Kit (still a little pricey), or create your own cards from scratch (pardon the pun!).

To do so, design them using your favorite graphic editing software, print them onto card, cut them out, and just buy the Silver Scratch-off Stickers to cover the symbols.

Silver Scratch-off Stickers

What Should I Put on My Scratchcards?

On your cards, remember to include your organization's logo, mission statement and contact details.

Then add some sort of 'game' for people to win – you could use 'symbols' for example, and tell people that a card bearing 3 matching symbols is a winner.

Alternatively, take a look at these pre-printed scratchcards available in the UK (but sadly not in the US). You could design your own cards on similar lines – if you're fundraising for a pre-school, for example, the 'Win a Teddy' option is going to get a LOT of support (and you can ask a local toy store to donate the teddy in return for naming them as the sponsor on the scratchcard).


Football Fundraising Cards

Name the Teddy Bear Scratch Cards. Sell spaces on the card to different people and then scratch to see who has won.

Scratch and Donate

Rather than scratching cards in order to WIN something, supporters scratch these cards in order to find out how much they must donate.

It's more fun than it sounds, though… some spots on these cards say 'free', so they won't be required to donate anything but will STILL receive the reward given to everyone who takes part – a strip of coupons to be used at major high street stores and restaurants.

Professional looking scratchcards customized with your logo/photo

Of course, you don't 'sell' these tickets – you simply ask supporters to agree to donate the amount they reveal in return for the reward.

Amounts are never too high (on the 30 dot card above, they are up to $5, but there is no 'free' option, whereas the 60 dot card runs from 'free' to $2.50).

You can customize these cards with your group's logo or photo and they look highly professional, so they are a great way to get the name of your organization 'out there'.

Again, you can make this type of card yourself, but you will need to have some type of reward on hand for everyone that takes part.

How to Sell/Distribute the Cards in Your Scratchcard Fundraisers

This is actually very easy to do and is what makes scratchcard fundraisers so successful!

Volunteers in your group can sell/distribute them to...

  • friends
  • family
  • co-workers
  • people attending your fundraising events
  • people attending other groups' events (with permission, of course)

They could also be distributed on the counters of local stores if the owners are happy to help.

Here are some ways to ensure you distribute as many cards as possible.

  • Offer a (good) prize to the single volunteer who raises the most.

  • Offer another (good) prize to the volunteer who sells/distributes a fixed amount of scratchcards in the shortest amount of time.

  • Offer a (smaller) prize to EVERYONE who raises over a certain amount – or, put the names of EVERYONE who raises over a certain amount into a draw to win another (good) prize.

I hope these ideas for scratchcard fundraisers have inspired you – for more ideas like this don't forget to sign up for my newsletter.

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