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flamingos in lakeFlamingo flocking - an unusual fundraising idea that's lots of fun (don't worry - no real flamingos required!)

Flamingo flocking is a fun and different fundraising idea that works best in a local community. Here's what you do:

Buy a set of weatherproof, plastic pink flamingos for the yard. You will need to purchase about a dozen. Keep in mind that for this fundraising idea more is definitely better. Gaudy is good too!

Pick a dozen front yards, visible front gardens, or car parking lots in your neighborhood or community to be your "victims" or "targets".

Make cards with all your contact information and details about your non-profit organization. Hang these cards around the flamingos necks so they are easily seen.

Different fundraising ideasImage courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons: flamingos flock cops from don33c

Offer your "victim" a choice. For a few dollars your team will remove the embarrassing pink flamingos from their property.

Or, for a few dollars more, they can nominate the next unsuspecting "target" and your team will then move the flock to their chosen location.

This can be a friend, family member, colleague, or even a friendly business rival. It's all meant to be light-hearted fun with donations going to your great cause.

Different fundraising with flamingo flockingImage courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons: Flamingo flocking from sassycrafter

Place visible signs or banners close to the flock of pink flamingos so that amused passers-by can contact you to order a flock to be placed in a yard of their choice.

Caution: Some people have absolutely no sense of humor at all. Make sure you offer to remove the flamingos immediately and free of charge for such individuals.

To raise even more funds with these fun fundraising ideas, go door-to-door with your fundraising team and sell "insurance" to protect people from waking up and finding out that shocking pink flamingos have invaded their lawn.

Have fun! 

Where can I buy the flamingos?

Amazon has lots to choose from here - I especially like the flamingos with twirling wings, which are guaranteed to grab even more attention!

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