A Fun and Creative Fundraising Idea:
Brainstorming for Donations

Need a creative fundraising idea to lift your team, organization or school spirits, get your creative juices flowing, and, most importantly of all, get those donations rolling in?

Host a sponsored Brainstorming for Fundraising Ideas Event.

Creative fundraising idea

This fun and creative fundraising idea works wonders when you're in need of unique fundraising ideas and want to raise funds in a hurry.

Schedule a Convenient Time

Select a convenient afternoon or an evening to host your fundraising brainstorming session. Provide childcare and entertainment for the kids if necessary.

Ask for Sponsorships

Ask all the attendees to get family, friends and local businesses to sponsor this event by donating an amount for every fundraising idea your group comes up with.

Offer a Prize

Organize a raffle and offer a prize for the person who comes closest to guessing the correct number of fundraising ideas that your group dreams up in this creative brainstorming session.

Set the Stage for Creative Thinking

Set the stage for this creative fundraising event by providing comfortable seating, upbeat music, and an aesthetically pleasing venue.

Provide Fuel for the Mind

Make sure you have enough food available for the duration of this event. Brainstorming requires delicious, healthy fuel for the mind!

Get Started

Instruct everyone attending to wear comfortable clothing that makes them feel their most creative... and get started.

The Results

At the end of your Brainstorming for Fundraising Ideas Event you will have a long list of creative and unique fundraising ideas for your organization. Choose one idea that is both fun and profitable and you're ready to start planning your next unique fundraising event.

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