A Teacher Appreciation Poem
Collection to Say Thank You

Original Poems by Felicity Luckey from
A Treasury of Teacher Appreciation Poems

This original teacher appreciation poem collection by Felicity Luckey features poems to say thank you to our amazing teachers. These poems to say thank you, together with teacher appreciation gift ideas, are perfect for Teachers' Day and school fundraisers.

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Please note: These teacher appreciation poems are intended for your personal, non-commercial use only, to help you say thank you to a teacher. You may write out a teacher appreciation poem in a thank you greeting card, a thank you note, or a thank you letter. If you would like to place a teacher appreciation poem on your website or your blog, or for any other uses, please contact me via this website to obtain permission.

Teacher Appreciation Poems

Our Children all Need Great Teachers Like You 

You once had a choice
And you chose to teach
And every day
It's our children you reach

You make the difference
In the life of each child
Those that are quiet
And those that are wild

It's the way that you teach
You do it so well
They look up to you
And think you are swell

You teach from your heart
That's plain to see
They think you're divine
And we all agree

Please never forget
And remember it's true
Our children all need
Great teachers like you

We appreciate you
And we value your time
And if you should forget
Please re-read this rhyme


Thank You for Teaching Me How to Believe 

Forever I'll keep your memory
Stored within my heart
Forever I'll remember
Just how you played a part

You played a part by teaching me
To think bigger and think higher
I never will forget you
As for greatness I'll aspire

You played a part by telling me
My dreams will all come true
For teaching me how to believe
Teacher I'm thanking you


Teacher, You’re Still My Inspiration 

You've been my inspiration
From the time when I was young
And many times throughout the years
Your praises I have sung

You are the greatest teacher
That I have ever known
The lessons that you taught me
Have flourished and have grown

You're still my inspiration
So I'm sending this to you
With all my love and gratitude
For teaching as you do


Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea: A #1 Teacher Assignments Binder

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Inspirational Poems to Say Thank You

A Teacher Affects Eternity 

Your teaching affects eternity
Where your influence ends you'll never know
And the lessons that you teach today
Stay with us as we grow

Your teaching affects eternity
My heart knows this is true
So for all I'll be tomorrow
Today I'm thanking you


Thank You for Bringing Out the Best in Me 

You bring out the best in others
You brought out the best in me
The results of all your efforts
I hope are plain to see

Your care and your dedication
Always shines right through
So teacher with my heart and soul
I want to say thank you


Thank You for Saying No to Bullying 

He once was a bully
He loved to fight
You taught him that
It was not right

You shamed him in
The nicest way
And showed him how
He'd have to pay

You said that karma
Won't be nice
If he continued
With this vice

You gave him a
Piece of your mind
You taught him ways
He could be kind

You even cut
Him down to size
You helped him to

You taught him words
That he could use
And to avoid
Words of abuse

You showed him ways
He could express
So he'd avoid
An awful mess

You showed him that
When life got tough
He could avoid
Such nasty stuff

You said he was
A kinder soul
And should respect
The greater whole

You helped him see
A better way
Thanks and thanks
Is what I say


Teacher appreciation poem

Thank You for Giving Me the Wish to Learn 

The wish to learn is priceless
It's a gift you gave to me
For you do more than teaching
This much is plain to see

For giving me the wish to learn
Today I'm thanking you
I'm grateful for your efforts
And for all the things you do


Thanks for Showing Me the Light 

Thank you teacher
You’re so kind
You gave me joy
And peace of mind

You helped me dream
You gave me hope
You taught me so
I would not mope

You gave me strength
So I can see
A future that
Belongs to me

A future that
Looks really bright
Thanks for showing
Me the Light


Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea: A Teacher Gift Mug

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Short Poems to Say Thank You

Because you teach
For all you do
I'm grateful I
Was taught by you


Because you teach
And never yell
I want to say
I think you're swell


Because you teach
And keep your cool
I find that I
Am loving school


Because you teach
And make school fun
I think that you
Are number one


Because you teach
In ways so fair
I realize
How much you care


Because you teach
And are so cool
I promise I
Will stay in school


Thank You Teacher Poems

There Once was a Teacher 

There once was a teacher
Who thought I was bright
And now I can see
That the teacher was right

That teacher is you
You believed in me
You opened my eyes
And helped me to see

To see my potential
To see that my mind
Is open to learning
Where once I was blind

Thank you for seeing
What I could not see
Thank you my teacher
For believing in me


I’m Grateful I was Taught by You 

There once was a teacher
That teacher was you
Who always knew
Just what to do

Just what to do
And what to say
And how to make
A student's day

For all your help
For all you teach
For every student
That you reach

For all you are
And all you do
With gratitude
I say thank you

There once was a teacher
That teacher was you
I'm grateful I
Was taught by you


A Beautiful Teacher Gift Print

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Roses are Red Poems
As Teacher Appreciation Poems

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Teacher you're sweet
And I love you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm grateful for
Teachers like you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
There should be more
Teachers like you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
With gratitude
I'm thanking you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Lessons are fun
When taught by you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm blessed to have
Teachers like you


Teacher Appreciation Quotes to
Say Thank You Teacher

These inspirational teacher appreciation quotes are another great way to help you express your gratitude and say thank you to your amazing teachers.

Use these appreciation quotes to thank your teachers for the work they do in the classroom and for their help with PTO, PTA and school fundraisers.

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