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Fundraising T-Shirts - Boost Donations with NO Upfront Costs For Your Group

Fundraising t-shirts are a wonderful, wearable way to get word of your organization out there. Plus they bring in LOTS of extra revenue.

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10 Best Fundraising Products and Ideas

10 best fundraising products with creative ideas for your next non-profit or charity fundraising event.

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Subscribe for fundraising tips and receive a FREE mini ebook of quotes about 'giving' - ideal for use in your promotional efforts and thank you notes to donors.

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70 Youth Fundraising Ideas for Kids of All Ages

These youth fundraising ideas can be modified for kids of all ages. Your children can raise the funds they need by helping others in their community.

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Soccer Fundraising Ideas for Fun Soccer Fundraisers

Unique and fun soccer fundraising ideas and activities for successful soccer fundraisers.

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Top 5 Simple Fundraising Ideas

Top 5 simple fundraising ideas for easy nonprofit fundraiser activities and events.

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A Free Online Fundraising Idea for Your Non-Profit

Free online fundraising idea to help your nonprofit raise funds every time you search the internet or make an online purchase.

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Office Fundraising Ideas: Simple and Fun

Easy office fundraising ideas for you and your colleagues.

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Fight Hunger Whilst Learning and Having Fun

Did you know there's a great way to help feed the hungry and possibly learn a few things at the same time?

Just pay a visit to visit freerice.com and start answering multiple choice questions on a range of different subjects, from vocabulary to geography! If you answer any questions incorrectly, you'll be told the right answer, which really helps increase your general knowledge - and teens can benefit from the SAT prep category too, which we think is great!

Every time you answer a question correctly, 10 grains of rice - paid for by sponsors (whose names appear at the bottom of the page) - are donated to the United Nations World Food Program.

As you play you may feel that your little contribution is not making a difference... but you'd be wrong!

According to the Freerice website, players of the game have fed millions of people since it launched in October 2007.

Visit the site today, brush up on your knowledge, and take part in fighting world hunger...


free rice

Quick Tip for Keeping Your Donors Happy

Sponsors and donors are KEY to the success of your fundraising efforts.

And thanking them for their generosity in supporting your organization is - of course - essential.

But HOW you thank your supporters is important too.

Do you just send them a simple email expressing your appreciation?

If so, then I strongly suggest you take the extra time to send them a handwritten note instead.

Just put yourself in your donors'/sponsors' shoes for a moment...

Which is going to have the most impact on you?

An email... one of many in your inbox, which you know took mere moments to create and send... and which will be deleted and forgotten even MORE quickly?


A handwritten thank you note, which clearly cost the sender a little more time and effort... and which will likely stick in your memory chiefly because it's so RARE for anyone to bother communicating in writing these days?

It's a simple tip. But - when competing for sponsorships and donations from businesses who may be inundated with such requests - it's one WELL worth putting into practice!

Online Donation Appeals - Tips for Getting Them Right!

Need to improve your online donation appeals? Try these five strategies.

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Top 5 Fundraising Myths - Busted!

Asking for donations can be tough - don’t make it any tougher for your nonprofit by believing these pervasive fundraising myths.

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School Fundraisers - 4 Ways to Raise More Money

School fundraisers - discover 4 ways of raising money that EVERY school should be thinking about.

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Merry Christmas

To all those of you who celebrate it...

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from All-Unique-Fundraising-Ideas.com

See you in 2016


5 Ways to Boost Your End of Year Fundraising

It's the end of a (hopefully) productive fundraising year and this is the season to be jolly... which tends to mean donors are even MORE willing than usual to contribute to your organization.

Here are 5 easy ways your non profit organization can make the most of all the goodwill that comes at this time of year!

1. Make sure your website (if you have one) is ready to receive all those lovely donations!
At around Christmas time, a great deal of the visitors to your site will be there purely to GIVE to your orgnaization, so make it easy for them! Ensure that the top section of your home page (known as the area 'above the fold') gives clear instructions on how to donate to your organization.

2. Make full use of ALL channels you use to raise funds.
As people are so receptive to giving at this time of year, make sure you have actually ASKED in the first place! So write letters, send emails, hold a meeting, pick up the phone... use EVERY method at your disposal to contact potential donors.

3. Ask devoted members of your team to request that friends/relatives make donations in their name instead of giving them Christmas presents.
A simple but effective idea!

4. Create a fun video for your organization.
Perhaps have everyone in your group/team sing a Christmas song and add text to the video, summarizing what your non-profit organization (and their donations) have achieved over the last 12 months and what you hope to achieve next year. Embed a link to your website within the video, encouraging viewers to 'click to donate' or 'click to read more about us'.

5. Be visible at Christmas events in your area.
Find out who's holding Christmas fairs, bazaars etc and ask if you can have a booth or table. Bring leaflets, brochures etc all about your group or create posters to display. Ensure your donation box is front and center!

And don't forget to check out these Christmas fundraising ideas.

Karaoke Challenge - Fundraising Fun With Just a Hint of Extortion!

Here's an easy-to-organize, low cost, fun fundraising idea that's ideal for groups (office co-workers, church groups, sports teams etc).

Simply set a date for an evening of karaoke. You don't even need a proper karaoke machine for this - there are plenty of karaoke versions of popular songs available on YouTube.

But if you want a more 'professional' event - with a mic and all! - there are some great karaoke machines on the market. You may even be able to borrow one from a local venue - just explain it's for a good cause and ensure the venue gets a BIG mention at your event.

karaoke challenge fundraiser

Now for the fun part...

Invite members of your group to make donations for OTHER members to sing.

In order to avoid having to perform, the nominated member must DOUBLE the donation.

That member then chooses ANOTHER member of the group to whom they may pass the challenge.

Whoever refuses to pay the required amount must sing!

To maximize donations...

...You may also like to sell donated refreshments, or run a 50-50 raffle or reverse raffle throughout the event.

Why are karaoke challenges so effective?

Because most people are only too happy to pay in order to avoid singing in front of a crowd (hence the element of extortion!).

Have fun.

How to Raise More Money from Matching Gifts

Learn how matching gifts can boost donations to your nonprofit.

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Top 5 Resources for Non Profits

As a non profit organization, it's always good to have access to new fundraising tips and techniques and there are plenty of excellent free or reasonably priced resources out there that supply them!

Here are 5 of my personal favourites - feel free to contact me with your own, or share on my Facebook page.

1. Do you have questions about setting up your non profit organization?

If you have questions about establishing a non profit, tax issues, relevant forms etc, then head over to Joanne Fritz at About.com. You can submit questions here or see answers to previously asked questions here.

questions about nonprofits

2. Need some help accessing technology?

Sign up with techsoup.org and - once your non profit is approved - you can have access to technological products and services donated by partners such as Microsoft, Adobe and Symantec. You'll also be able to access learning resources to help you make informed technology-related decisions.

technology help for nonprofits

3. Looking for fundraising software?

DoJiggy offers easy-to-use, affordable online fundraising software, with customizable websites for collecting online donations and managing all aspects of your fundraising events. Unlike many other non profit service providers, DoJiggy does not charge transaction fees based on your sales, donations or registrations and offers a straightforward, flat fee service instead.

software for non profits

4. Like to learn more about available grants?

GrantGopher offers a searchable database of grants available for non profits, with new grant announcements being added all the time. Don't miss out on the chance to gain additional funding for YOUR organization!

grants for non profits

5. Need help writing letters?

Do you find it difficult to come up with the right words when composing letters requesting donations, letters thanking donors, etc? Then check out all the free samples at LoveToKnow - Charity for inspiration and a framework to follow.

sample fundraising letters

Fast Fundraising Ideas - 10 Ways to Boost Donations in a Hurry

Fast fundraising ideas, for those occasions when your organization needs a boost of funds but there's no time to organize a fully-fledged event.

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A Simple Way to Raise A LOT of Cash For Your Fundraiser

Need an incredibly simple fundraising idea?

Then aim to collect "1 million pennies".

There's something so captivating about the entire concept of collecting 1 million pennies! It's an easy-to-implement idea that captures the imagination.

It sounds "do-able". Everyone - even the youngest child - can take part and contribute. It's very visual - you can see those pennies piling up, especially if you arrange to collect them all in one centralized location, using something like large, empty fish tanks to display them.

(Want to know what 1 million pennies LOOKS like? This will give you an idea!)

And no one minds repeatedly handing over their pennies - a handful of pennies doesn't feel like a lot to give. But those handfuls - given repeatedly over a period of time by lots of donors - can really add up.

And 1 million pennies equals an amazing $10,000 - a significant boost to your fundraising efforts!

million pennies fundraiser

My Top 2 Sites for Creating Great Graphics

Great graphics are incredibly important, particularly if your non-profit organization has any type of online presence. Not only do they draw attention to your articles, they can be used to present information clearly (think info-graphics), or they can increase traffic to your website if someone chooses to 'pin' your image to a site like Pinterest.

There are two sites I use all the time for creating my own graphics and I recommend them because they are EASY to use and FREE (although both offer upgraded services at additional cost).

The First Is Picmonkey.com

Picmonkey for graphic editing

It provides the options to edit, touch up and design images, and also offers the option to create collages with multiple images.

Available basic edits include the ability to crop, resize and rotate images, plus adjust things like exposure, the colors in your image etc.

Then you get to the fun stuff, such as the ability to add cool effects, touch up photos, add frames and overlays, or incorporate a theme.

Within each editing category there are several free options and lots more available with an upgrade (which Picmonkey calls 'Royale'). Royale level is available for $4.99 per month or $33 a year, billed annually.


The Second Is Canva.com

Canva for graphic editing

Canva provides you with a range of templates, backgrounds and design tools to help you create some incredible graphics.

Like Picmonkey, it gives you the ability to add text to your designs, with a wide variety of fonts to choose from.

There are some backgrounds and images that are totally free to use in your designs and others that are available on a "pay as you go" basis (in other words, no subscription is required).

One of the best things about Canva is its amazing FREE design tutorials. They're easy to follow and show you how to do all sorts of cool things, like using layering techniques or transparency to create eye-catching designs.


What's YOUR favorite photo/graphic editing website? Please contact me and let me know!

Disabled in America?

Are you disabled and living in America?

Do you know someone who is?

Then please watch this video by Ability-Mission.org describing the poverty trap that exists for many in this situation.

Please click here to visit Ability-Mission.org for FREE advocacy help and assistance in tracking down the grants for which you or your loved one may be eligible.

Your Complete Fundraising Toolkit - All You Need for Fundraising Success

This complete fundraising toolkit contains guides, printable forms and more... everything you need to increase donations to your non-profit group!

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Scratchcard Fundraisers - Fun, Effective and Easy to Organize

Scratchcard fundraisers are a low cost way to raise money for your group or organization. Here's how they work.

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Candle Fundraising Ideas – How to Turn a Good Event into a GREAT One

Candle fundraising ideas – learn how to run your fundraiser efficiently and see maximum profits for your organization.

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Wine Tasting Invitations for Parties and Fundraising Events

Customize these wine tasting invitations and greeting cards for your unique party or wine tasting fundraising event.

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Unique Fundraising Events - Unusual Ideas for Events People Will Remember!

These ideas for unique fundraising events for your nonprofit organization explore creative and different ways to raise funds and have fun.

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A Simple Fundraising Idea: Inside-Out and Back-to-Front

This simple fundraising idea, an inside-out and back-to-front day fundraiser, is easy to organize and is guaranteed to help your organization raise funds fast.

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A School Fundraiser for Teachers' Day

This school fundraiser for Teachers Day or teacher appreciation week is a fast and easy school fundraising idea to say thank you to our teachers and raise funds for your school PTO or PTA.

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Rave Flyers and Template Designs

Customize these rave flyers and template designs to promote your rave, band, party, nightclub or rave fundraiser.

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Quotes to Say Thank You - Warm Words to Express Your Gratitude

This beautiful collection of quotes to say thank you are the perfect words to help you show your appreciation and express your gratitude. A great way to thank your fundraising volunteers and donors.

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Creative Prom Invitations

These cool prom invitations and templates can all be customized for your unique prom theme. If you choose you can design your own invitations as a great prom fundraising idea.

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Pink Ribbon Products for Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraisers

Pink ribbon products and merchandise for gifts and for breast cancer awareness charity fundraising events.

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Pink Ribbon Mug Ideas for Breast Cancer Fundraisers

Inspirational pink ribbon mug ideas for breast cancer fundraisers and breast cancer awareness gifts.

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Beautiful Pink Ribbon Cards for All Occassions

Creatively designed pink ribbon cards for gifts and for breast cancer awareness charity fundraising events, including greeting cards, thank you cards and holiday cards.

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Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas from Barter and Trade Exchange Experts

Nonprofit fundraising ideas and tips from experts in the barter and trade exchange industry.

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Nightclub Flyer Templates and Designs

Customize these nightclub flyer templates to promote your nightclub or your dance party fundraising event.

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Ideas for Church Fundraising All from One Unique Event!

Explore the many profitable ideas for church fundraising from one unique church fundraising event. Combine secret family recipes into a potluck and an ebook for your church.

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Gratitude Quotes to Say Thank You

These gratitude quotes to say thank you are a wonderful way to express your appreciation in thank you cards, letters and speeches.

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Good Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Good fundraising ideas for non-profit organizations and charities, including schools, churches, sports teams and individuals.

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Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups

These easy fundraising ideas for small groups are a great way for you to combine your unique talents and raise funds as a team.

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5 Fundraising Ideas for Churches

5 Fun and profitable fundraising ideas for churches and church groups fundraisers.

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A Fundraising Event Idea for Kids and Adults: Wii and Wine Night

A Wii and Wine Night is a fundraising event idea for adults and children of all ages. This event is fun, profitable and easy to organize.

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10 Best Flyer Ideas

10 best flyer ideas from talented artists, graphic designers and photographers that will inspire you to make a custom flyer that is as unique as you are.

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An Easy Fundraising Idea: Host A Resume Writing Workshop

This easy fundraising idea works well for any nonprofit, including schools, colleges, charities and churches. Help the unemployed and under-employed in your community and raise funds for your charity.

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Fun and Different Fundraising Ideas

Discover different fundraising ideas including flamingo flocking for fun and profitable fundraisers and unique fundraising events.

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Don't Miss Out on This Easy Easter Fundraising Idea

If you don't already have an Easter fundraising strategy all lined up, here's one I recommend that's very simple AND very profitable.

First, look at your own schedule of events for the year… do you have anything at all planned around Easter? If so, rent yourself a good quality Easter Bunny costume (it pays to reserve this ahead of time, as Easter bunny outfits will obviously be very much in demand at the time). Alternatively, buy your costume and make this a yearly event (or rent out your costume in future... another way to bring in funds!).

Amazon has loads of costumes to choose from!

Adult White Easter Bunny Costume
With Mascot Head and Yellow Vest

Then, either you or one of your team attend the event in costume, and offer attendees a photo with the Easter Bunny. Similar photos offered at the mall can be expensive, so ensure your prices are lower, whilst still giving your organization a quick and easy profit.

No events planned for Easter?

Then find someone who HAS and ask if the Easter Bunny can attend THEIR event. Either offer a share of the proceeds, or explain what your organization does and hope that their goodwill will allow you to appear at the event at no cost.

Make Sure Your Bunny Photos Appeal to Everyone

  • Don't choose a cheap looking costume – no one wants a shot of themselves with bedraggled bunny.
  • Don't approach families with children directly – have an un-costumed assistant do that for you. Some children are terrified of characters in costume and will scream the place down if they spot a giant bunny lurching towards them, however friendly the bunny may be. In a similar vein, make sure your bunny's face is a 'cute' one... some can look quite scary! (See the link at the end of this article for examples).
  • Offer a range of price points – the cheapest could be an emailed digital version of the photo, ranging upwards to a nicely framed set!

And just for fun… here are some NOT so successful Easter Bunny photos to enjoy.

Fundraising Calendar Ideas for Non-Profits

Fun fundraising calendar ideas for non-profits including schools, sports teams, churches and charities.

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A Creative Fundraising Idea for Non-Profits

A creative fundraising idea to lift your spirits and get the donations and more ideas rolling in.

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