Free Fundraising Ideas

These free fundraising ideas are all... FREE. Explore these fun, creative and unique ways that you can raise funds for your non-profit without spending a penny.

Some of these ideas are best suited for schools and church groups, while others work well for all non-profits.

Incorporate as many of these free fundraising ideas as possible to maximize your fundraising profits:

  • Place a Donation Button on your Site

    If you have a donation page on your website, this may seem obvious to you.

    But... some non-profits either don't have a donate now button, or it is difficult for visitors to find the donation page on their site.

    PayPal makes it easy for people to make online donations to your non-profit directly from your website or blog. You can start fundraising online with PayPal at any time. It is free for you to sign up and really easy for you to add a donate now button on one or more pages of your website.

  • Collect Left-Over Christmas Wrap

    Collect left-over Christmas wrapping, bows, cards and decorations in January when no-one needs them any longer. Ask members of your community for their left-overs. You can also ask local gift stores to donate everything they have remaining after their clearance sales.

    Carefully store everything away in boxes until the following Christmas season.

    In November of the following year you'll be ready to set up Christmas wrapping booths in local malls without having to spend any money at all. By planning ahead of time, this easy fundraising idea can be very profitable for your organization.

  • Create Unique Products on Zazzle

    This free fundraising idea is a wonderful way to raise funds for your organization... and a way for you to showcase the talented artists and photographers in your community. Ask volunteers to donate copies of their original art and photographs to your non-profit.

    Zazzle is the ideal place for you to then create customized products for online fundraising, or for your fundraising event. It's free to join, free to create products, and free to set up a store on your website.

    You earn royalties, in an amount that you decide, for every sale. What's really great is that you don't have to buy any products in advance for your fundraising events. Here's how it works:

    Upon creation, your products are instantly visualized on their website and offered in the Zazzle marketplace. When someone places an order, your unique product is made on-demand, usually within 24 hours. They handle everything, including the processing and shipping.

    Your organization can also sign up to become an associate. As a Zazzle associate you can advertise not only your own fundraising products, but any product from the Zazzle marketplace.

    If a visitor to your website or blog clicks through (from the link you provide) to Zazzle and makes a purchase, you may earn a 15% referral fee on that sale.

    There are hundreds of products to choose from, including:

     1. Men's T-Shirts
     2. Women's T-Shirts
     3. Postage Stamps
     4. Greeting Cards
     5. Mugs
     6. iPad Cases
     7. iPhone Cases
     8. Ornaments
     9. Business Cards
    10. Invitations
  • What's also wonderful is that you can create seasonal products for year-round fundraising.

  • Use and Promote Your GoodSearch Toolbar

    Goodsearch is one of the easiest free fundraising ideas. It is a simple way for your non-profit, or your charity, to earn a donation every time a member of your community searches the internet. Your organization can also receive a percentage of every online purchase that is made using your unique toolbar.

    By using and promoting and you can raise significant funds online throughout the year.

  • Create and Sell Fundraising T-Shirts

    Yes, it's possible to design and sell your own T-shirts with NO upfront expense.

    Learn about how Ink to the People makes it easy

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