Top 20 Creative Fundraising Ideas

Have fun with these top 20 creative fundraising ideas for profitable and unique fundraising events. Customize these unusual fundraising ideas to suit your school's, sports team's, church group's or organization's unique personality.

Doggy dress up and pageant

Creative and Different Fundraising Idea #1: Dogs Dress-Up and Pageant

2. Recycled Costume Fancy Dress Dance Party

3. Tie-Dye Community Classes and Art Show

4. 100% Recycled Arts and Crafts Show

5. Sing Songs from the Year You Were Born Talent Show

Creative fundraising ideas - cookie decorating

Creative and Delicious Fundraising Idea #6: Cup Cake and Cookie Decorating Extravaganza

 7. Fruit Bouquet Classes, Blind Taste Test and Gourmet Sale

 8. Paint Your Family Tree on a T-Shirt Reunion Party

 9. Ethnic Food and Exotic Cooking Demonstrations

10. Community Mural of Hand and Foot Prints

Make then sell recycled jewelry

Creative and Unique Fundraising Idea #11: Recycled Jewelry Design Classes and Silent Auction

12. Peace, Love, and Happiness! Try Hippie Van Painting

13. Bricks in a Wall of Inspirational Quotes

14. Poetry Writing and Reading Contest

15. Create a Custom Tea Towel/Dish Towel to Sell

Creative and Fun Fundraising Idea #16: Hat Design and Pageant

17. Face Painting Classes and Funniest Painted Face Competition

18. Healthy Veggie Cooking Classes and Buffet

19. Personalized Cartoons and Caricatures for All

20. Sand and Feather Painting Art Classes and Auction

I hope these unique fundraising ideas stir your imagination and get you motivated to organize your most creative and profitable fundraising event ever.

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