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Complete list of fundraising ideas

Lots of fundraising event ideas

50-50 raffle

10 fast fundraising ideas


Bake sales

Breast cancer fundraisers

100 charity event ideas

Wishing well fundraiser

Christian ideas

Coffee fundraisers

Candle fundraisers

20 creative fundraisers

Something different - flamingo flocking!

Resume writing workshop

Free ideas

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Barter and trade

Why I recommend barter

Create a calendar

Christmas ideas

Wii and wine night

Funny ideas

Golf ideas

How to organize a charity golf tournament

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Tea towel fundraiser

Ideas for the office

Online fundraising

Reverse raffle 

Silent auction

Inside out fundraiser

5 simple ideas

Sports fundraisers

Health and fitness ideas

3 unique ideas

Heads or tails raffle

Scratchcard fundraisers

Fundraising T-Shirts

Who are you fundraising for?

Campus ideas

10 Ideas for cheerleaders

More cheerleading fundraisers

Church fundraising ideas (1)

Church fundraisers (2)

Church ideas (3)

Making a church cookbook

College fundraising

Good ideas for all schools

More school fundraisers

An easy elementary school idea

10 More elementary school ideas

Ideas for kids

2 Easy ideas for small groups

High school


Prom ideas

Teacher's Day fundraiser

Soccer fundraisers (1)

Soccer fundraisers (2)

Youth ideas

Flyers, posters etc. to advertise services/events and attract donors


Bake sale flyers

Bake sale posters


Breast cancer pink ribbon cards

Breast cancer pink ribbon stickers

Breast cancer posters

Pink ribbon cards

Pink ribbon mugs

Pink ribbon products

Christmas tree shop flyer

Church flyers

Church posters

Coffee posters

Computer repair flyers

Event flyers

Fitness flyers

Flyer examples

Flyer ideas

Flyer templates

Assorted charity flyers

20 Unique flyer ideas

Golf gifts

Halloween flyers

House cleaning flyers

Lawn care flyers

Night club flyers

No frills flyers

Party flyers

Rave flyers

Salon flyers

Western flyers

Printable Sign Up Sheet for your Volunteers


General invitations

Beach party

Flower invitations

Hawaiian luau

Prom invitations

Wine tasting invitations


Appreciation quotes

Charity quotes

Gratitude quotes

Quotes to say thank you

Teacher appreciation quotes

Teacher appreciation poems

Brainstorming for donations

What makes a fundraiser unique?

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Internet fundraising

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Raise more money with matching gifts

5 Fundraising myths - busted!

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