Campus Fundraising Ideas for Colleges and Schools

Simple and fun campus fundraising ideas to raise funds for your college or school.

An Energetic College Fundraising Idea

Campus and College Fundraising IdeasImage Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons: Campus School Run from bcchronicle

A Campus School Run is a great fundraising idea. The trick is to schedule it on days when students are feeling motivated to get in shape.

These fundraisers work best on Mondays, the first of the month, or at the beginning of a semester. Get out your running shoes, spread the word, and start raising funds for your group.

On the day of the race, be sure to have refreshment stands at strategic places selling water, electrolyte replacements and sports drinks. A healthy buffet at the end of the race is another great fundraising idea and will help to raise extra cash.

A Simple Campus Fundraiser

Let's face it, college is a fun, busy, and often crazy period in our lives. Who has the time, or the desire for that matter, to wash their car?

A Campus Car Wash may seem like a lame excuse for a college fundraiser, but it is always a winner!

You can make it fun however. Bring the music, plenty of friends, sell delicious snacks.. or better yet, fire up the BBQ... and get started.

A Creative Campus Fundraiser Idea

Design your own print-on-demand college t-shirts or college sweat shirts from Zazzle and start taking orders. You can also sell them online for extra profits.

Make sure you design something for everyone. Make some funny shirts, some that are simple, and others that are crazy, and totally over the top.

A Healthy Campus Fundraiser

Too many pizza dinners? Too much partying? One hangover too many?

If this sounds like your college, consider a new ritual that will be welcomed every Monday morning. A Fresh Juice Fundraising Bar on campus.

You will need one or more quality juicers, and one or more blenders for this fundraiser. Always try and buy fresh, organic fruit and veggies from local farmers. The produce will be fresher and save you a bunch of money too.

You may even be able to work a trade with some local farmers where they give you a great deal on the fruit and veggies in exchange for them being able to sell their produce at the same time... a mini farmer's market.

You can also make smoothies if you like, sell protein powders, dried fruits and even high-fiber muffins! Keep your prices low, make this a regular campus fundraising event, and you'll raise plenty of funds throughout the year.

Campus fundraising ideas

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