Easy Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups

These easy fundraising ideas for small groups are a great way for you to combine your unique talents and raise funds as a team.

Small Group Fundraising Idea:
Coffee and Bagel Stand

This is an early morning fundraising idea for a small group of people. The idea is to offer people who are waiting in line a great cup of coffee or tea plus a small, easy to prepare, breakfast.

Take your time as a group to look for an ideal spot around your city or town where people wait outdoors for the gates or doors to open AND there is no coffee shop or restaurant in the vicinity that is open at that hour.

Here is a list of possible venues to consider:

  • College campus
  • School
  • Public library
  • Mall or shopping center
  • Office building
  • Bus stop
  • Boat or ferry dock
  • DMV
  • Law Courts
  • Museums

Laws differ in every country, state, county and city so be sure to do your homework before you start this fundraiser. Check if you need any insurance, permits or landlord permission.

Also ask where you can post your fundraising flyers so you can advertise in the area around your chosen venue.

Small Group Fundraising Idea:
Home Cooked Dinner for Exam Week

This fundraising idea for a small group works wonderfully well if you live in a college town or near a college campus.

Many college students are notorious for their poor eating habits. They may order in pizza, indulge in too much fast food and junk food, or eat a lot of noodle soup when on a tight student budget.

During the semester this may work for them, but during exams they need more nourishing meals. This is an ideal opportunity to work as a group to provide them with daily home-cooked meals.

Divide your group up and assign each person with a course or a task. For example, one person can cook a large pot of vegetable soup, another can prepare a fresh salad, and another can cook a pot of rice and a healthy stew.

You can deliver the food in individual size portions that can be reheated during the week. The students will appreciate you and you will raise funds for your group.

Place flyers promoting your fundraiser around the campus on student notice boards and advertise in the college newspaper.

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