Soccer Fundraising Ideas for Fun Soccer Fundraisers

Have fun with these unique and successful soccer fundraising ideas and fundraising activity ideas for profitable soccer fundraisers.

Plan a day-time event for the entire family, or a more formal evening fundraiser for teens and adults only. You can also keep your soccer fundraiser online by selling soccer gifts through your website.

Choose one simple soccer fundraising idea at a time, or you may wish to incorporate a few of these ideas as you plan your sports fundraiser.

Beach Soccer and a Picnic

A fun soccer fundraising idea for the entire family is to host a day of fun soccer activities at the beach... even if you don't live anywhere near the beach.

As long as the weather is warm, you can choose any large outdoor area, such as a park, a school playground, or even a soccer field for this fundraising event. 

Send out soccer or beach-themed invitations and invite everyone to bring their entire family along. Ask everyone to bring outdoor umbrellas and large beach towels, beach chairs and blankets to sit on.

Depending on your budget, and the number of volunteers you have in your team, you can make this a catered event or a picnic potluck.

Fundraising Activity Ideas for Your Soccer Fundraiser

  • Provide a selection of soccer coloring pages, together with markers and crayons, for the younger kids to color. Charge a small fee to cover the costs of the stationery supplies and the prizes. Award prizes to the young artists in as many categories as possible so that everyone wins at least one small prize.
  • Play fun soccer games that include all generations, even the youngest soccer fans. Mix up the teams in funny and unusual ways.
  • Put on a show of impressive soccer tricks and give lessons afterwards for a fee. Tape these soccer tricks and sell the DVD at your soccer fundraiser and online after your fundraising event is over.

Soccer fundraising ideas

A Soccer-Themed Silent Auction and Dinner

If you prefer a more formal soccer fundraising event, a dinner with a soccer-themed auction or silent auction is a fun and profitable way to raise funds.

In keeping with your soccer theme, ask local sports stores to donate soccer-related gift items for you to use as raffle prizes and as items for people to bid on for your silent auction.

20 Ideas for Silent Auction Soccer Gifts and Raffle Prizes

  1. Soccer flags
  2. Soccer bean bag chairs
  3. Soccer scarves
  4. Soccer replica jerseys
  5. Soccer headbands
  6. Gift certificates for free soccer coaching
  7. Soccer posters
  8. Soccer video games
  9. Soccer DVDs
  10. Soccer jewelry
  11. Soccer pins
  12. Soccer caps
  13. Soccer hats
  14. Soccer magnets
  15. Soccer bedding
  16. Soccer backpacks
  17. Soccer t-shirts
  18. Soccer books
  19. Funny soccer videos
  20. World cup soccer jerseys

Take your time looking through the hundreds of fundraising ideas for all the other unique fundraising events and sports fundraisers in the links below. Any idea can be customized to create a fun and unique soccer fundraiser.

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