Easy Elementary School Fundraiser
Cash for Lego Pieces

Don't let the simplicity of this elementary school fundraiser fool you. This easy fundraising idea is fast and fun... and extremely profitable too.

The kids will love this Cash for Lego Pieces event, and so will the parents. It truly is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Because there are many possible variations to this school fundraising idea, you are limited only by your imagination...

... and best of all, it doesn't have to cost the school, or the students, any money at all.

You can choose to have this fundraiser totally free for your students, or you can charge them. Decide based on how elaborate you make this simple, but extremely profitable, elementary school fundraiser.

Does this sound familiar?

My son's obsession with Legos began when he was five years old. He received his first set in a Santa gift exchange while in Kindergarten... and from that day on he was hooked.

For the next three years that was all he really, really wanted. His dad and I bought him the big, expensive sets for his birthday each year...

... and Santa was very generous in the Lego department each Christmas.

We had great fun building the sets together. My son would then proudly display them in his bedroom. Over time, one or two would get knocked over and end up in pieces. The pieces found their way into a plastic storage container.

My son did go through a phase where he would actually use the pieces to build new projects. But then one day, when he was eight, he decided he was through with legos.

Elementary school fundraiser

Bye-Bye Clutter!

A few months ago I did some serious de-cluttering of my son's unused toys and clothes. I boxed up everything for charity... except the lego pieces. Legos, as wonderful as they may be, are expensive. I was curious to see if the pieces had any value.

I looked online and I was shocked at the ads I saw on eBay and Craigslist. Most people are selling bulk lego pieces for about $10/lb.

So... I weighed our collection. We had over 20lbs! I placed a free ad on Craigslist and within two days I had an offer for $160.00. The guy was so enthusiastic about a project that he was working on that I accepted his offer.

I have no doubt that I could have sold the pieces for more if I had wanted to. Cash for Legos! Who knew?

How many kids are in your Elementary School?

  • 50?
  • 100?
  • 500?
  • 1,000?
  • More?

Do the math...and then you'll see why I call this elementary school fundraiser Cash for Lego Pieces.

The Simplest Way to Organize this
Elementary School Fundraiser

  • Ask the parents and students in your school to sort through their unused toys and bring in any or all of their lego pieces.
  • Weigh and divide the pieces any way you choose.
  • ¬†Place free ads on the internet with this title: Bulk Legos for Sale.

    (Easy fundraising tip: Place your ads locally when possible to save your buyers the expense of shipping. This will also save your volunteers the hassle of boxing and mailing.)
  • Count your school's fundraising profits!
  • Share your fundraising success story with others.

This is a fast and easy way to raise funds for your school using a simple idea.

But... with a little creativity... you can use this elementary school fundraising idea as the theme for a fun and profitable fundraising event.

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