Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas and Tips from Barter and Trade Exchange Experts

When anyone asks me what are the best nonprofit fundraising ideas I always answer, "Find a great barter and trade exchange and join as soon as possible. You will be able to conserve cash and raise far more funds for your organization."

I owe so much of my success, as well as some of my best memories, to barter. Through the work that I do online I am able to incorporate my two passions, unique fundraising ideas and barter. I love writing about non-profit fundraising ideas and about the benefits of belonging to a professional barter and trade exchange.

I am currently compiling an international directory of barter and trade exchanges that help their members with nonprofit fundraising.

In fact, these fundraising ideas for nonprofit organizations are from the owners, brokers and managers of barter and trade exchanges. I have asked them to share their fundraising ideas with you.

They explain in their own words how their exchange can benefit your nonprofit. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to read the best fundraising ideas from barter and trade exchange experts.

Are You A Barter And Trade Exchange Expert With
Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas and Tips To Share?

Do you have nonprofit fundraising ideas and tips that incorporate barter and trade?

What goods or services do the members of your exchange offer that could benefit a nonprofit organization?

Do you have a great story about a nonprofit fundraising event that you helped organize through your barter and trade exchange?

How can a nonprofit conserve cash and raise funds by joining your exchange?

Share your fundraiser stories and your nonprofit fundraising ideas and tips!

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