Successful Fundraising Ideas
for Fun and Fitness

These successful fundraising ideas are geared towards community health and family fitness.

All of these health and fitness inspired fundraising ideas can be customized for most non-profit fundraisers including schools, churches and youth groups.

The core theme of these fundraisers is to get families and communities together for a day of fun outdoor activities.

All of the decorations, the fundraising products available for purchase, the entertainment and the refreshments are designed to inspire and motivate a healthier, more active lifestyle.

It's important to remember that the fundraising focus of the day is on fun and fitness, rather than on dieting or weight loss.

I hope these new fundraising ideas motivate you and your fundraising team. Your community will have a great day which hopefully will continue to inspire each and every one of them to reach their individual and their family fitness goals.

The Ideal Fundraising Venue

If the weather is consistently great, then an outdoor venue is best. Some locations to consider are public parks, the beach, a lake, a river, the mountains, or an outdoor area where there is sufficient shade for all. If you have a sports field you can use, that will work too.

If the weather is unpredictable, then you are better off holding this fundraiser indoors. A hall or a large auditorium will be fine. You can always choose to bring the outdoors inside with your choice of decorations.

Raise Funds with a Fundraising Dress Code

A great way to raise funds for this health and fitness fundraiser is to have fundraising t-shirts made before your event.

Try to get one or more sponsors to cover the costs of your t-shirts by promoting your sponsors on the backs of the shirts or vests.

This motivational t-shirt below is a perfect example of a shirt for your charity fundraising event. You can customize the t-shirt to include your organization's name, the name of your event, and the date.

It's easy to add your sponsors' names and logos on the back when you design your shirts. You get special discounts when you order in bulk too.

Fitness Goals zazzle_shirt
Fitness Goals by Power2BThin
Buy custom t-shirts at

Healthy Fundraising Foods and Snacks

There are a few ways you can organize the refreshments for your health and fitness fundraising event.

  1. Ask local health food stores and vegetarian restaurants to supply the food as a way for them to promote their businesses within the community.
  2. Have a healthy potluck lunch where families share their healthiest recipes.
  3. Provide juice bars, smoothie bars, salad bars and a healthy buffet.
  4. Ask local organic farmers to sell their fresh produce at discounted prices and have volunteer chefs demonstrate how to make healthy meals.
  5. Have a community picnic where everyone brings their own healthy foods.

Cooling Fundraising Drinks

Offer water, iced herbal teas, sugar-free sports beverages, vegetable juices and fruit drinks as cool, refreshing drinks.

If you brew your own teas and squeeze your own juices, make extras and store it in large bottles so that people can buy a few bottles to take home with them.

(Make sure you have enough ice and coolers to keep everything cold and fresh throughout the day.)

10 Successful Fundraising Ideas for Raffle Prizes or Silent Auctions

Successful fundraising ideas
  1. Gym Memberships
  2. Health Food Store Gift Cards
  3. Certificates for 10 Hours with a Personal Trainer
  4. Weekend Getaways
  5. Case of Sports Drinks
  6. Gift Baskets with Dried Fruit and Nuts
  7. Sports Equipment
  8. Spa Certificates
  9. Exercise DVDs
  10. Pedometers

Fundraising Products for Raising Maximum Funds

The following fitness motivational products are all best-sellers and will help you raise funds at your fundraising event.

Order these fundraising products in bulk to get the best prices.

Customizable Sport and Fitness Water Bottles

Customizable Sport and Fitness libertybottle_bottle
Customizable Sport and Fitness by TheSinx
View other Sport Water Bottles

Motivational Exercise Posters

Motivation to Exercise zazzle_print
Motivation to Exercise by Power2BThin
View other Exercise motivation Posters

Inspirational Coffee Mugs

Fitness Goals zazzle_mug
Fitness Goals by Power2BThin
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Motivational Fridge Magnets

Childhood Obesity Solutions zazzle_magnet
Childhood Obesity Solutions by Power2BThin
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Great Motivational Music

Whether you have live music, a deejay, or music playing in the background, make sure it's upbeat and high energy music to suit the mood and feel of this fundraiser.

Unique Fundraising Activity Ideas

All of the fundraising activities should be health, exercise, sports or fitness related.

You can have fun competitions in silly categories, best of challenges, and dance marathons going all day for every age level and also for every level of fitness. 

If you need any more successful fundraising ideas, please take a moment to explore some of the links provided below.

I wish you and your fundraising team a fun and successful fundraiser!

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