Bake Sale Ideas for Fundraising
And Successful Bake Sale Events

Bake sale ideas for a successful fundraiser

These delicious bake sale ideas will help you create a unique bake sale event to raise funds for your favorite school, church or charity benefit.

Having a successful bake sale idea is wonderful but... if you want to attract lots and lots of hungry, generous customers you need to advertise your bake sale as much as possible.

Use as many of these great promotional ideas as possible to create a buzz about your non-profit fundraising event.

20 Bake Sale Ideas for Holidays and Special Occasions

  1. New Year's Day Healthy Bake Sale
  2. Groundhog Day Bake Sale
  3. Valentine's Day Flowers, Candy and Bake Sale
  4. Easter Egg Hunt and Bake Sale
  5. Mother's Day Bake Sale
  6. Father's Day Bake Sale
  7. 4th of July Bake Sale
  8. Independence Day Bake Sale
  9. Election Day Bake Sale
  10. Tax Day Bake Sale
  11. Peace Day Bake Sale
  12. Halloween Bake Sale
  13. St. Patrick's Day Bake Sale
  14. Christmas Day Bake Sale
  15. Black Friday Bake Sale
  16. Spring Day Bake Sale
  17. Summer Vacation Bake Sale
  18. Fall or Autumn Bake Sale
  19. Winter Bake Sale
  20. Earth Day Bake Sale

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Prizes and Motivation for Your Bakers

Bake sale

If you want to attract more volunteer bakers to donate their time and their baked goodies to your fundraising event, add this fun element to your next bake sale.

Announce an exciting contest with great prizes. A fun competition for your bakers will bring out their creative side as well as their competitive spirit.

Not only will you get more people excited about baking, but they will also end up baking more sweet goodies, especially if there are prizes in different categories.

You can offer prizes at your bake sale based on any or all of these categories:

  • Largest cake
  • Smallest cupcake
  • Healthiest muffin
  • Most decadent chocolate chip cookie
  • Most original display
  • Most creative bake sale price tags
  • Most unique banner
  • Most delicious brownie ever
  • Nuttiest cookie
  • Fruitiest cake
  • Cutest kid's cookie
  • Easiest bake sale recipe
  • Most creative recipe card
  • Most colorful cookie
  • Gooiest cookie
  • Cheesiest cheesecake

Ideas to Promote Your Bake Sale

Having a fun bake sale idea is great but... if you want to attract lots of open-to-buy, generous customers, you need to advertise your bake sale as much as possible.

Here are a few promotional bake sale ideas you can use to let the world know about your amazing fundraiser.

  • Let the TV stations know about your exciting event. Tell them about the variety of baked goodies, your specialties, and your contests and prizes. If they are willing to be there to televise your bake sale early in the morning... you'll have a wonderfully profitable day.

  • The same thing that applies to the TV stations works with your local radio stations. You can even take in a platter of samples for the radio crew the day before your bake sale. Ask if you can trade baked treats for free air time and day long promotions.

  • Advertise your bake sale fundraising event in as many local newspapers as possible. Many will give free advertising space for non-profit organizations.

  • The internet is going to be your best friend when it comes to promoting your bake sale. Use social media to your benefit as much as possible. Post photos, videos, tweets and website updates to your friends and followers. Ask everyone to like your fundraising event and to re-tweet your posts. The viral effect of the internet works wonders to get the word out in a hurry.

  • Craigslist is also a wonderful free resource you can benefit from. You can place a free ad with all your details into the weekly happenings and community listings.

  • Send out emails or electronic greeting card invitations to everyone on your list and ask them to invite their friends, relatives and neighbors to your bake sale. Plan ahead so you have enough baked goods for a really large crowd.

  • Display bake sale flyers and posters in as many locations as possible. Community boards, public libraries, and even other schools and churches may allow you to promote your event within their communities.

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Bake Sale Flyer and Poster Ideas

Bakr sale flyer

Create eye-catching bake sale flyers and informative bake sale posters that are unique for your school, church and charity bake sales and fundraising events.

Selecting the right fundraising flyer and poster for your bake sale is an important factor in your fundraiser's success.

You can choose from a unique collection of poster and flyer templates that will match the theme, season and content of your bake sale.

You can also personalize and customize your favorite flyer and poster with the details of your bake sale and your nonprofit organization.

Creative Bake Sale Flyer Ideas for these Fun Bake Sales:

  • Great American Bake Sale
  • School Bake Sale
  • Christmas Bake Sale
  • Craft and Bake Sale
  • Halloween Bake Sale
  • Cupcakes Bake Sale
  • Kids Bake Sale
  • Church Bake Sale
  • Car Wash and Bake Sale
  • Snowman Treats Bake Sale
  • Fall Bake Sale
  • Monkey Bread Bake Sale

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