Good Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Good fundraising ideas for non-profit organizations and charities, including schools, churches, sports teams and individuals.

Finding the best fundraising ideas for your next fundraiser or fundraising event can be a challenge. This website has hundreds of fundraising ideas that are designed to spark your own creativity and enthusiasm.

Many of the fundraising ideas that you will find on this site can be modified to suit your organization's specific cause and fundraising goals. Some of the ideas for schools may in fact be perfect for your church fundraiser and vice versa.

You may find a fundraising event that you love and then want to add a funny, unique or simple twist to the event. Or perhaps you will want to raise funds online at the same time, as part of your fundraiser.

To make your search easier for you, I listed the ideas below into several categories to help you find the exact fundraising idea that will work best for you. 

Great Fundraising Ideas for Groups:

Good fundraising ideas

Online or Offline Fundraising or Both:

Good Fundraiser Ideas Can Be:

I hope you enjoy searching for great fundraising ideas that will help you raise the necessary funds for your non-profit.

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