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College fundraiser

College fundraisers can be more than simply selling products. Challenge yourselves to think bigger. You and your fundraising committee can organize a unique college fundraising event that is fun, rewarding, and extremely profitable.

Yes, it may be more time consuming than selling magazines, cookies or candy. But the funds that you raise, when you decide to go the extra mile, will be worth it.

You can generate a lot of public interest, and free publicity with the press, if your college fundraiser is unique. Find eager and enthusiastic volunteers on campus and delegate most of the fundraising tasks.

You will enjoy the feeling of success and accomplishment. Those that matter will appreciate your efforts. Your community will benefit from the most successful and memorable college fundraiser ever.

10 Best Campus and College Fundraiser Ideas For Unique and Profitable Fundraising Events

  • Holistic Community Health Fair and Fundraiser
  • Get-Out-Of-Debt Fair and Money-Making Opportunites
  • Fundraising Pet Health Day and Expo
  • College Community-Wide Barter Fair
  • Campus Fundraising Psychic Reading Fair
  • Community Fundraising Arts and Crafts Fair
  • College Fundraising Books-Music-DVDs Sell and Swap
  • College Career and Networking Fair
  • Campus Fundraising Carnival
  • College Outdoor Music and Dance Festival
  • If you are wanting to raise funds for your education, or to send a family member to college, explore this list of fundraising ideas for school and college fundraising ideas.

    Community Fundraising Arts and Crafts Fair

    College Campus Fundraising Arts and Crafts Fair

    For this campus fundraiser, think beyond only arts and crafts. Think of fundraising contests for practical artwork that is made entirely from 100% reused and recycled materials.

    Think about photography contests. Compile the winning original photographs and create a fundraising coffee-table book. Ask the artists in your community to create one-of-a-kind pieces specifically for your college fundraising event.

    (Photo courtesy of Sids1 at Flickr Creative Commons under Attribution Licence.)

    Remember that unique fundraisers attract generous sponsors too.

    At the end of this campus fundraiser, hold a college silent auction for the best arts and crafts pieces. Thinking bigger and better always, always pays off!

    College Campus Fundraising Carnival

    College Fundraiser Carnival

    Everyone loves a carnival! Carnivals attracts families from miles away. They bring out the kid in everyone. They also bring in the money!

    When people come to a carnival they expect to spend money. They know they will be buying tickets, paying for rides, and snacking on a variety of tempting goodies.

    (Photo courtesy of Sam Howzit at Flickr Creative Commons under Attribution Licence.)

    Because carnivals are so popular, sponsors are willing to pay more to fund your event.

    Go beyond offering the traditional carnival foods and snacks. Invite as many restaurants as possible to participate and incorporate a best restaurant cooking contest.

    The restaurants get great publicity and exposure. Your college, sorority, fraternity or campus gets to raise significantly more money.

    Everyone wins and everyone has fun.

    Music and Dance Festival Campus Fundraiser

    Music concert for campus fundraising

    An outdoor music festival can be the highlight of the year! Great music festivals go down in history books and are the stuff that memories are made of.

    Start the event off by offering everyone on campus an opportunity to vote for the type of music and bands they want to see and hear most. Charge a small amount per vote! The money will add up fast before you even start to plan this campus fundraising event.

    (Photo courtesy of Lucy Boynton at Flickr Creative Commons under Attribution Licence.)

    Gather all your talented artists and graphic designers together and make the best posters, flyers, t-shirts and music festival souvenirs possible.

    Incorporate online fundraising into this college fundraiser event and you'll be able to raise additional funds online for years to come. 

    Have fun, and remember, thinking bigger always produces bigger results! 

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