10 Principal Fundraising Rules for Great Elementary School Fundraisers

Elementary school fundraisers

The best elementary school fundraisers begin with a creative, P.T.A. (or P.T.O.) approved, elementary school fundraising idea. I apply my 10 Principal Rules to all the fundraising ideas on this website. The rules are simple and the results are amazing.

Education is more than a luxury; it is a responsibility that society owes to itself. ~ Robin Cook 

Elementary School Fundraisers are Very Close to My Heart

I am a mom with two of my children in elementary school. I know first-hand how much the educational budget cuts are hurting our schools and our kids' education.

Every day I challenge myself to think of bigger and better fundraising ideas to help my children's school...

...and hopefully your school too.

Our schools desperately need to raise additional funds. I hope that these school fundraising ideas help you, your school, and most importantly of all, our kids whose education and future depends upon the PTA fundraising we do today.

The 10 School Fundraiser Rules for F.U.N.D.R.A.I.S.I.N.G.

F ...is for FUN and RULE #1

If kids aren't excited and jazzed about their fundraiser, you're doomed from the very start. Discover ways to make your elementary school fundraiser more fun, and therefore more profitable, from beginning to end.

U ...is for UNIQUE and RULE #2

People will always pay more for an event or fundraising product that is different. Even in tough economic times, a unique fundraiser will generate more excitement and help you raise more money.

N ...is for NEWSWORTHY and RULE #3

Use the social media craze to your school's advantage. A creative fundraising idea will spread through Twitter and Facebook like wildfire. Give people something exciting to text about... and learn to profit from efundraising.

D ...is for DEMAND and RULE #4

If your fundraiser fills a need...if it solves people's problems...if you can provide a service that people pay for elsewhere...you know you have a high-demand, money-making, fundraising idea.

R ...is for RECIPROCATE and RULE #5

Never, never, never spend cash on your fundraiser if you can barter or trade for goods and services. Barter is a big industry. Your school can conserve cash with this easy fundraising idea. Barter is so much smarter.

A ...is for ASK! and RULE #6

Ask for bigger ideas. Ask for bigger donations. Ask for outrageous prizes. Ask small business owners what your school can do for them. Ask for free publicity... and always ask for feedback after fundraising events.

I ...is for INFORMATION and RULE #7

Every day people in your community surf the net looking for information. They buy books, ebooks and magazines that provide this information. They take classes. Elementary schools have the resources to profit from educational fundraisers.

S ...is for SPONSORS and RULE #8

Your sponsors need YOU now... more than ever before in history. The advertising industry is changing rapidly. Schools are in a unique position to benefit from this change in how businesses spend their marketing dollars.

I ...is for INTERNET and RULE #9

There are hundreds of free resources on the internet that are geared towards helping your school raise money. Use these resources before, during, and after every event. Earn residual income for your school.

N ...is for NEXT! and RULE #10

Be prepared for your next fundraising event. Talk it up. Send out teasers. Build the excitement. Elementary school fundraisers can lead effortlessly to the next event for optimum success.

G ...is for GIVE! the GOLDEN RULE

With fundraising we get so used to asking first and then giving. Switch it around. Give first... and then ask. When we give to receive, we always end up with more. I call this fundraising idea Deliberate Acts of Kindness.

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas for Fun and Profit

Elementary fundraiser with Legos

This easy elementary school fundraiser is simple and extremely profitable. Discover how unloved Lego pieces can be a school PTO or PTA goldmine.

You can expand upon this idea to create an elementary school fundraising event.

Offer the parents a date night out, and a fun, high-energy, fundraising evening for all of the students.

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