A Fun Cheerleading Fundraiser and 10 Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas

Host a fun cheerleading fundraiser, together with 10 easy cheerleading fundraising ideas for individuals and cheer squads.  While cheer fundraising is important for any organization, for cheerleading it is a critically way to fund travel for competitions, camps, uniforms and any coaching fees.

A High-Energy Cheerleading Fundraiser

As cheerleaders you have an amazing opportunity to use your energy and enthusiasm to raise funds for your squad by doing what you are best at: motivating and teaching others.

People pay gym memberships, they pay for yoga classes, they pay to get in shape, yet there are very few opportunities for families to have fun together while getting a great workout.

Host a cheerleading sports camp for families to help them exercise together in a fun way. You can do this as often as you have time for; either once a day, once or twice a week on the weekends, or once a month.

Depending on the weather, you will want to have two venues available, one outdoors, and the other indoors. You can charge a minimal amount per person or per family for each session.

You can also do this on a donation basis to enable all interested families to participate, regardless of their ability to pay the participation fee.

Cheerleading fundraiser

10 Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas for this Fundraiser

  1. Sell videos of your cheerleading workout routine.
  2. Offer babysitting for the little ones during this family workout time.
  3. Take photos with the participants, print them out and sell them in fun photo frames or on buttons.
  4. Incorporate hula hoops into your cheerleading workout and sell them at your fundraiser.
  5. Provide healthy snacks and beverages for all the participants and spectators for a reasonable fee.
  6. Offer private lessons for businesses at their place of work.
  7. Get paying sponsors and place their ads in your flyers and display their banners at your cheerleading squad fundraiser.
  8. Sell cheerleading workout completion certificates.
  9. Invite paying vendors to set up stalls at your cheer fundraising event.
  10. Take orders for pom poms, batons and cheerleading uniforms.

Free Cheerleader Promotional Ideas for Your Fundraiser

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Your blogs or websites
  4. School magazines and newspapers
  5. Craigslist happenings and events

Enjoy your fundraiser... and others will too. Before you know it you will have a growing following and you will raise more funds for your squad than you could have imagined.

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