Internet Fundraising for Today

Internet fundraising can help your favorite nonprofit raise funds day in and day out:

  • 24 hours a day
  • 7 days a week
  • 365 days a year

There has never been an easier time for nonprofits to raise money from a worldwide community.

If you and members of your community search or shop online, you can raise money with this free online fundraising idea.

Thanks to the volume of people that are connected to the internet, the social media craze, and the popularity of smart phones...

... internet fundraising can help you meet, and even exceed, your fundraising goals.

Take full advantage of the many free fundraising ideas that are available to help you raise funds for your organization.

So where do you begin?

You need a website. A great website. A website that works hard for you and your organization.

Having a great website is a start but it may not be enough.

Some nonprofits have impressive looking websites that fail to help them reach their fundraising goals.

Asking the right questions often leads to an awareness of missed opportunities and possible solutions.

Take some time to think through the following questions regarding your internet fundraising attempts. Ask as many people as possible to look at your site with fresh eyes and get their unique perspective too.

Internet Fundraising Ideas for eFundraising

The answers may provide you with clues as to how you can maximize your online fundraising potential.

  1. Do you have a fundraising website that's working for you?
  2. Is the information on your site current?
  3. Is your website helping you raise funds 24 hours a day?
  4. Is it easy for sponsors, volunteers and donors to find your site when they do an online search?
  5. Can visitors to your site navigate through your pages with ease?
  6. Do you have a donation page with a donation button on your site?
  7. Is your donation page easy to find?
  8. Is your donation page worded in such a way that donors feel safe making an online donation?
  9. Have you maximized the fundraising potential of your site to reach a worldwide audience?
  10. Do you have ads on your site that help you raise funds?
  11. Do you have sponsors for your site?
  12. Do you promote your sponsors in a way that helps them build their businesses?
  13. Do you sell products on your site?
  14. Do you sell e-goods on your site?
  15. Are these products relevant for your website visitors?
  16. Do you invite visitors to your site to leave comments?
  17. Do you ask them to contribute helpful and original content?
  18. Do you have unique videos posted on YouTube?
  19. Do you have a Twitter and a Facebook account?
  20. Do you engage with your Twitter followers and Facebook friends on a regular basis?
  21. Do you use Twitter and Facebook to attract sponsors?
  22. Do you promote your fundraisers through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube?
  23. Are you constantly on the lookout for affiliate programs you can promote?
  24. Do you have an internet fundraising business plan?
  25. Do you have an efundraising marketing plan?

It's a great idea to use 'purpose built' fundraising software in your online efforts. Not only can it run your website, it can also processes your donations and house your data - the key to success for any non-profit organization.

This article explains just what you should be looking for when purchasing fundraising software.

Online fundraising can help your nonprofit raise funds twenty-four hours a day. Your in-depth answers to these questions about efundraising show you where to focus your fundraising attention next.

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