70 Youth Fundraising Ideas for Kids of All Ages

These youth fundraising ideas can be modified for kids of all ages. Your children can raise the funds they need by helping others in their community.

You may want to do a brainstorming session to find the best fundraising ideas for kids that will work well for you based on your unique situation.

The purpose of the brainstorming session is to find out what your kids are willing AND able to do. Here are some easy and unique possibilities to get you started with your youth fundraising ideas.

Your children can choose to charge a fee, or they can trade their services for the things they need.

Can Your Kids?

  1. Cut grass
  2. Pick up doggy doo-doo
  3. Shovel snow
  4. Walk a dog or two
  5. Help carry and unpack groceries
  6. Change diapers
  7. Babysit
  8. Change cat litter
  9. Make sandwiches
  10. Vacuum

  11. Youth car wash

  12. Wash cars
  13. Hand out fliers for a local business
  14. Cook a one-pot dinner
  15. Take out the trash
  16. De-clutter a closet
  17. Clean a refrigerator
  18. Make popcorn
  19. Make a video
  20. Change the sheets on a bed
  21. Dress up in a costume

  22. Magic tricks fundraising

  23. Do magic tricks
  24. Wash and brush a dog
  25. Rake leaves
  26. Remove carpet stains
  27. Iron clothes
  28. Box parcels
  29. Gift wrap presents
  30. Sort through mail
  31. Change a bicycle tire
  32. Pump up bicycle tires

  33. bicycle fundraising

  34. Teach a kid how to ride a bike
  35. Stuff envelopes
  36. Detail a car
  37. Wash windows
  38. Clean an oven
  39. Dust
  40. Polish
  41. Make cookies
  42. Give basic piano lessons
  43. Put address labels on envelopes

  44. Guitar fundraiser

  45. Tune a guitar
  46. Give basic guitar lessons
  47. Clean a toilet
  48. Read to younger kids
  49. Help with homework
  50. Sort items for recycling
  51. Install software on a computer
  52. Program a DVD player
  53. Connect a monitor
  54. Connect a TV to a DVD player

  55. Teach computer use to raise funds

  56. Hook up a new computer
  57. Fold laundry
  58. Teach a younger kid basic computer skills
  59. Read to the elderly
  60. Practice conversational English with foreigners
  61. Make photocopies
  62. Scan old photographs
  63. Take good photographs
  64. Make a pot of coffee
  65. Clean a coffee pot

  66. House plant care for fundraising

  67. Care for houseplants
  68. Water a yard
  69. Play card games
  70. Clean CDs
  71. Clean DVDs
  72. Teach card games
  73. Assemble a toy
  74. Assemble a modeling kit
  75. Cut coupons
  76. Search the internet for coupons
Remember that somewhere, someone needs help... the very help that your kids may be able to provide.

"There are no menial jobs, only menial attitudes." ~ William John Bennett

Youth fundraising ideas

After brainstorming all these youth fundraising ideas, it's time to create a fun resume and fundraiser marketing plan.

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