5 Fundraising Ideas for Churches

5 Fun and profitable fundraising ideas for churches and church groups fundraisers.

  1. A Church Barter Fair
  2. Members of your church congregation and the greater community bring in unwanted goods and items that they no longer need or use. These items can be from their homes or excess inventory from their businesses.

    Everyone can barter and trade with each another. Participants also get an excellent opportunity to network with others in their community. They can also trade their skills for goods.

    Click here to read more about hosting a church barter fair.

  3. Host A Resume Writing Workshop
  4. This is a great way to raise money for your church and help others in your community. Host a resume writing workshop as a unique fundraising event.

    By hosting a resume workshop you will be helping local small business owners, corporate recruiters, those who are unemployed as well as the under-employed in your church and the community.

    Read more about hosting a resume writing workshop.

  5. Organize a Coffee Fundraiser
  6. Coffee fundraisers are delicious, much appreciated, and can be a highly profitable way to raise funds for your church.

    Click here for the 10 best coffee fundraising ideas for your church fundraiser.

  7. Host a Funny Fundraising Event
  8. We all want more joy and laughter in our lives. Your community will love and appreciate this opportunity to have fun and be silly for a day or an evening.

    These funny fundraising ideas for church fundraisers can be modified to suit your unique congregation's sense of humor.

  9. Flock with the Flamingos
  10. Dare to try this fun and hilarious church fundraising idea in your church neighborhood and amongst members of your congregation.

    This different fundraising idea is a lot of fun and can be very lucrative for your church too.

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