Unique Sports Fundraiser and Team Fundraising Ideas

Creative sports fundraiser and team fundraising ideas for different sports teams including:

For All Sports Team Fundraisers

For all sports fundraising ideas and team fundraising events, I always recommend Zazzle for creating unique sports products and gear with a photograph of your team, your team's logo, and your sports team's mascot. It's a fun and profitable way to raise funds for your team.

Zazzle is free to join, free to create products, and free to set up a store.

You earn royalties, in an amount that you decide, for every sale. What's really great is that you don't have to buy any products in advance for your sports fundraising events. 

With Zazzle, you can create unique and customizable products including:

  • Sports Team Postage Stamps
  • Sports Team Fundraiser T-Shirts
  • Team Mugs
  • Sports Team Fundraiser Invitations
  • Sports Fundraiser Announcements and Flyers
  • Eco-Friendly Team Bags
  • Team and Individual Player Binders
  • Sports Magnets
  • Sports Team Bumper Stickers
  • Sports Hats
  • Team Calendars
  • Sports Team Shoes
  • Fundraiser Buttons
  • Fundraiser Stickers
  • Fundraising Event Photo Cards
  • Team Skateboards
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Cool ideas for a sports fundraiser...

Hold a design contest for the best photographs
...and the best graphic designs for your sports team products. You can charge a fee for each design that is submitted.

Find a sponsor for your sports team
and ask them to donate prizes for the winning entries. In return, you offer them lots of publicity and make sure that their brand/logo is visible on any flyers, posters etc advertising your sporting events.

Sell your designs through the Zazzle Marketplace
... and ask all your teammates to post your sports team products and promote them on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. 

Learn more about Zazzle

If you have a website
...display and sell all your products on your site. If you don't have a site for your team, consider creating a unique sports team fundraising website through Solo Build It! as a team effort.

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