Ideas for Church Fundraising and a Unique Fundraising Event

Explore the many profitable ideas for church fundraising from this one unique church fundraising event. Combine secret family recipes into a fun potluck and create an ebook for your church.

Ideas for church fundraising

Secret Family Recipes from Our Church

Potluck and Recipe eBook

  1. Local farmers grow organic produce on your church land.
  2. Members of your congregation make their favorite potluck meals using the produce.
  3. Invite your community to a dinner church fundraising event.
  4. Sell additional meals that can be frozen for quick, healthy meals during the week.
  5. Take photos of all the dishes.
  6. Put the recipes and photos on your website.
  7. Make a cookbook of all the recipes with stories about each dish's origination.
  8. Sell the book online as an ebook.
  9. Sell a hard copy of your book in stores and online.
  10. Divide the recipes up for use in a monthly magazine and sell ad space to local businesses.
  11. Repeat the process with a different theme and new recipes.
  12. Share the success of your church fundraiser with other nonprofits.

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