A Charity Fundraising Idea for A Wishing Well Fundraiser

This charity fundraising idea, a wishing well fundraiser, is suitable for all non-profits, including schools, churches, youth groups and charities.

This fundraising idea can be used as a fundraising activity at almost any fundraising event.

You can also raise funds with your wishing well as a stand-alone fundraiser at various locations throughout the year.

This is an extremely popular and easy fundraising idea that gives people a chance to make wishes and your charity a chance to raise funds.

You have a choice of either buying a wishing well, having one custom made for you, or making one yourself. Decide beforehand if your wishing well needs to be portable, and if so, consider how you will transport it to various fundraising events.

Sponsors for Your Wishing Well

Get local businesses to sponsor your wishing well. Think of the surfaces of your wishing well as prime real estate. You can either rent, sell, or auction the different pieces and sides of your wishing well.

You can get permanent sponsors, or you can find new sponsors for each wishing well fundraiser you have.

You can reduce or even eliminate your promotional expenses if you include your sponsors names on your banners, fundraising invitations and fundraising flyers.

Charity fundraising idea

Make a Wish Stickers

Customize your Make a Wish Stickers and give them out at your fundraising events as part of the wishing well experience. It's a wonderful souvenir for people to take home with them... and a great reminder that wishes do come true.

Wishing Water Well
Wishing Water Well by ConcordCollections
Check out Wishing Stickers online at zazzle

Cash or Tickets?

Traditionally people think of wishing wells as a place to throw a few coins in and then make a wish. This is the easiest way of running your wishing well fundraiser. But... there are more profitable ways.

Consider selling tickets for wishes, and make the wishes specific to different categories.

You can be as creative as you like with the themes and categories. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Health wishes
  • Money wishes
  • Career wishes
  • Love wishes
  • Travel wishes
  • Car wishes
  • Home wishes
  • Friendship wishes
  • World wishes

If you're feeling really creative, you can even design wish coins or wishing tickets for each of the different wish categories.

If you do design your own wish tickets, make them in duplicate so that the person buying the ticket and making the wish can toss half into the wishing well, and keep the other half as a memento.

A Wishing Well Poster forYour Charity Fundraiser

Wishing Well zazzle_print
Wishing Well by ElainePlesser
Make a poster online at zazzle.com

Make a Wish T-Shirts forYour Charity Fundraiser

Make a Wish zazzle_shirt
Make a Wish by wowoland
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