An Easy Church Fundraising Idea:
A Community Wide Barter Fair

If you're looking for an easy church fundraising idea, you may want to host a community wide barter fair. This can be a fun and profitable church fundraising event.

You can help your church, and your community, by organizing a barter fair. A barter fair is also known as a swap fair. I love this fundraising idea because it truly is a win-win situation for everyone.

Members of your church and the community bring in unwanted items that they can barter and trade with. They also get a perfect opportunity to network with one another so they can trade their skills and conserve their cash.

Suggested Trade Items for Your Church Barter Fair

You can help your community further by sending out a newsletter with suggested items for the Barter Fair. If you distribute church flyers locally, include as much information as possible.

  • Books
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Video games
  • Older video game systems
  • Produce from their gardens
  • Handmade crafts
  • Baked goods
  • Gently used clothing
  • Toys
  • Baby furniture
  • Board games
  • Hobby supplies
  • Musical Instruments

Skills for Barter and Trade

Members of your community can network with one another to trade and barter their skills; and thus conserve their cash.

  • Cooking
  • Shopping
  • Babysitting
  • Elderly care
  • Yard work
  • House sitting
  • Pet sitting
  • House cleaning
  • Home maintenance
  • Car maintenance
  • Website design
  • Social media expertise
  • Office work
  • Medical care
  • Ride share

You can charge a per person entry fee or a per item entry fee. You can also ask for a percentage of their trade deals in cash or barter.

You can raise additional funds at your barter fair by selling food, drinks and snacks. Adding fun activities for the kids will add to your profits too.

Consider a monthly newsletter with a list of all the barter and trade opportunities within your congregation. You can also add these barter offerings to your website and charge a fee per listing.

The opportunities for raising funds for your church with barter and trade fund raising ideas are endless.

Visit the rest of this website, including the fundraising ideas for schools. Many of the ideas can be customized to create a unique church fundraising idea for an event or a fundraiser that will be perfect for your church.

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