Preschool Fundraising Ideas: 
Painting Faces and Creating Magical Memories

Fun preschool fundraising ideas to raise funds for your kid's school and create magical face-painting memories that children and parents will cherish for a lifetime.

Face Painting Supplies for Your Preschool Fundraiser

Preschool fundraising ideas - face paintingPutting the FUN into fundraiser!

You do not need to be a talented artist to do a great job of painting kid's faces. You do however need to buy the right face paints and face paint brushes for this fun preschool fundraiser.

You may also choose to purchase a face-painting book with step-by-step instructions that will easily lead you through the process.

24 Color Pro Face Paint Color Set
Large 10-ml jars with applicator kit and a full spectrum of colors that are easy to apply and look great. Everything you need for a successful fundraiser!

1ST FACES BOOK Snazaroo Face Painting Book
No painting talent? No problem! This book will give you lots of ideas and help you easily produce perfect results!

Barter or Trade with a Professional Face Painter

If there is a professional face painting artist in your city or town, consider asking them if they will trade their services with your preschool.

They provide their time, free of charge, in exchange for you promoting them within your preschool, your community and online through your website.

It's a win-win situation that works very well for all parties concerned.

Fund Raise Beyond Your Preschool Walls

Of course this fundraising idea is perfect for an event or activity at your school itself. However, there are always opportunities to fund raise outside of your preschool walls.

Consider setting up a face-painting booth at a local mall, grocery store, carnival or sporting event.

You may even choose to partner with an elementary school during one of their fundraisers and split the profits. 

Stock Up on Extra Face Painting Supplies

Make sure you purchase enough supplies to satisfy your budding artists. Face painting is fun, relatively easy, and addictive.

Allow customers to get creative at your preschool fundraising event and give face painting a try.

Chances are they'll love it and want to purchase the paints, brushes and books to take home with them. So make sure you have kits available and charge a little more than you paid, giving you extra profits from your event.

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