Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

These breast cancer fundraising ideas and pink ribbon products are ideal for breast cancer awareness fundraisers, personal fundraising, and breast cancer fundraising events.

Many of the unique fundraising ideas on this website can be modified to create a unique breast cancer awareness fundraiser or fundraising event too.

For example, the many bake sale ideas can be integrated with a pink ribbon-themed bake sale. Think pink ribbon cupcakes, cookies and baked good treats.

Or, you may choose to focus your bake sale on health and have an organic, high-fiber, dairy-free bake sale.

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Breast cancer fundraising ideas

An Inspirational Art and Crafts Day -
A Pink Ribbon Festival in the Park

Contact a local art school or the art department at your closest college or university and ask them if the students will each donate one piece of art or photography to your fundraiser.

You can choose a theme for them to work with.

This may be a celebration of hope, faith and life or the art of joy and laughter, or meditations with nature.

Ask the students if they'll further support your cause by displaying their art at an arts and crafts show which will be a breast cancer fundraising event. Decide beforehand if the students will donate a set amount based on their sales for the day, or if they'll pay you a percentage of their art sales.

The students get to share their work with the media and the public, and you can raise funds at the same time.

Provide refreshments, music and a raffle and you'll increase the monies you raise.

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Please contact me with your breast cancer fundraising ideas, particularly if you've hit on an event idea that has worked really well in your community. I know that other readers will appreciate your sharing your experiences!

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