Golf Fundraising Ideas

Raise Funds On and Off the Golf Course

These unique golf fundraising ideas will help your charity or non-profit organization raise funds on and off the golf course. 

A golf fundraiser is a wonderful fundraising idea for non-profit organizations, including colleges, schools, churches and even offices that want to host their own fundraiser. 

Pick the date carefully as your golf sports fundraiser will be more profitable, and far more enjoyable, if held during the warmer seasons. - 

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Tips to Promote Your Golf Fundraiser

The more people you attract to your golf tournament, the more profitable your golf fundraiser will be. This means lots and lots of promotions.

Design your fundraiser posters and fundraiser flyers well ahead of time. Display them in as many places as possible. One of the best places to promote a golf fundraising event is in local pro shops, golf stores, country clubs and golf courses.

Send out e-zines, email invites and electronic newsletters well in advance so people can mark their calendars.

Use the viral power of the internet to promote your golf fundraiser too. Ask volunteers to spread the word through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. If you have a website, make sure your golf fundraiser is very visible on your site's homepage.

Online promotions for your golf fundraising tournament are fast and effective, but don't forget your local media. Send out a press release to your local radio shows, TV stations and magazines

Customize these Templates forYour Golf Tournament Posters

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18 Holes Equals 18 Sponsors

A great golf fundraising idea to raise extra funds for your golfing event is to invite local businesses to sponsor one or more holes on the golf course.

Place visible signs at each hole promoting and thanking the sponsor. You can ask for more money from your sponsors if you list them as sponsors on your golf fundraiser posters, flyers, and on your website.

You may also consider a barter or trade agreement with one or more of your sponsors. For example, a local restaurant may jump at the opportunity to provide you with free or reduced priced tasty snacks in exchange for great publicity.

Golf Fundraising Ideas for Flyer Templates

Golf Tournament Flyer zazzle_flyer
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Include a Golf Auction or Silent Auction

Golf fundraising ideas

A fundraising auction or silent auction is a fun and profitable way to raise more money on the day of your golf fundraiser.

Ask all your local golf shops to donate gift certificates or golf related items to your non-profit for your unique golf fundraising event. Package all the items as attractively as possible, preferably in individual golf gift baskets.

Seek out golf pros in your area who are starting out and would like to trade lessons for an opportunity to promote themselves to keen golfers.

Set up an attractive and visible table with all your auction items so that your golfers can bid on the auction items before they play their round of golf. You can announce the winners or hold the auction at the end of the day, following your fundraiser award ceremony.

Silent Auction Fundraiser Golf Gift Ideas

You may wish to solicit or purchase silent auction gift baskets and items that are not golf related. These will appeal to the spectators as well as the golfers who wish to buy gifts for their families and friends.

However, golf related gifts are very appealing to golfers and will bring in large donations for your charity. Here is a list of twenty popular golf items that are sure to be sought after.

Silent Auction Golf Gift Ideas:

  1. A certificate for personalized golf balls
  2. New golf club irons
  3. A golf push cart
  4. A golf club putter
  5. Ladies golf clubs
  6. Left handed golf clubs
  7. Golf club grips
  8. Golf course GPS
  9. Antique golf clubs
  10. Kids golf clubs
  11. Golf handicap calculator
  12. Custom golf carts
  13. A subscription to Golf World Magazine
  14. Golf practice nets
  15. A certificate for personalized golf jackets
  16. Golf sunglasses
  17. Golf vacations
  18. Golf DVDs
  19. Free golf games
  20. Golf club travel bags

Raise Extra Funds with a Raffle

In addition to your silent auction, you can also use some of these golf gifts as raffle prizes. Sell raffle tickets beforehand, online if your website has the capability, and on the day of your fundraiser too. 

Customize Your Golf Fundraiser Invitations and Announcements

Golf Outing Charity Party Invitation zazzle_invitation
Golf Outing Charity Party Invitation by pixibition
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Scenic Golf Outing Invitations zazzle_invitation
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Enjoy Your Golf Fundraising Event

Many golfers take their sport very seriously, but you don't have to! You may wish to make this a funny fundraiser as well as a sports fundraiser.

These funny fundraising ideas can combined with your golf fundraising ideas to make this a fun, humorous and memorable charity event.

Have fun with these golf fundraising ideas as you raise money for your favorite charity or non-profit organization, on and off the golf course.

I wish you a highly successful and enjoyable golf fundraising event!

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