Creative Flyer Examples for
Unique Fundraising Events

These flyer examples and invitation flyer ideas can all be customized to help you create unique flyer templates for your charity fundraisers and fundraising events.

By personalizing these fundraiser flyers you'll find it easy and affordable to create a flyer that reflects your nonprofit organization and the theme of your unique fundraiser.

Different Examples of Flyers

Flyer templates
  • Invitation Flyers: These invitation flyer templates were designed by talented artists, graphic designers and photographers. You can customize the flyer templates to suit your needs. 

  • Fundraiser Flyers: These unique fundraiser flyers can be customized for your charity benefit or fundraising event. 

  • Fundraising Flyer Ideas: 20 unique fundraising flyer ideas that you can customize for your charity fundraiser or nonprofit fundraising event. 

  • No Frills Flyers: Simple and no frills flyer templates and designs to help you create your flyers for business or for your charity fundraising events. 

  • Christmas Tree Shop Flyers: Customize these Christmas tree shop flyer templates for your seasonal business or for your non-profit or Church Christmas Fundraisers. 

  • Church Flyers: Customize these church flyer examples and templates for your church fundraising events and fundraiser needs. 

  • Party Flyers: These party flyers can be customized to suit the theme of your party or your unique fundraising event for your non-profit organization. 

  • Halloween Party Flyers: These Halloween party flyer templates and designs can be customized for your unique Halloween party or Halloween fundraising event. 

  • Western Flyers: Customize these Western flyer templates and designs to suit your fundraiser, event, party or business. 

  • Nightclub Flyers: Customize these nightclub flyer templates to promote your nightclub or your dance party fundraising event. 

  • Band Flyers: Customize these band flyer templates and designs to promote your band and to advertise your parties, nightclubs, raves and fundraising events. 

  • Rave Flyers: Customize these rave flyers and template designs to promote your rave, band, party, nightclub or rave fundraiser. 

  • Fitness Flyers: Health and fitness flyer templates and designs to advertise your fitness business or health and fitness fundraising event. 

  • Salon Flyers: These salon flyers are a perfect way to advertise and promote your salon business or your salon and beauty-themed fundraisers.

  • Lawn Care Flyers: Customize these lawn care flyer templates to promote your lawn care or yard service business or fundraiser. 

  • House Cleaning Flyers: Customize these house cleaning flyer templates for your house cleaning business, personal fundraising ideas or for a school or college fundraiser. 

  • Babysitting Flyers: Templates for babysitting flyers for your babysitting business or babysitting fundraisers. 

  • Computer Repair Flyers: Customize these computer repair flyer templates to advertise your computer repair and service business or to promote a computer repair fundraising workshop.

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