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100 Great Charity Event Ideas for
Successful Fundraisers

Charity event ideas

These are some of the best charity event ideas and unique fundraising ideas for nonprofit organizations including churches, schools, colleges, sports teams and charities.

Please take your time browsing the various fundraising ideas and fun ideas for unique charity events. The fundraiser idea that appeals to you most may be a perfect fit for your charity.

If you like a charity event idea but it is not a perfect fit, you can always modify the idea or even combine a few of our fundraising event ideas to suit your charity's needs, message and cause.

    1-10 Fundraising Event Ideas for Charity

  1. 4th of July Bake Sale
  2. 4th of July Picnic
  3. Acupuncture in the Park
  4. Amateur Photography Expo
  5. Auction for Cat Lovers
  6. Auction for Dog Lovers
  7. Babysitting Fundraiser
  8. Baby Furniture Trade Fair
  9. Barter Fair
  10. Beach Party and Clean-Up

  11. 11-20 Fundraising Event Ideas for Charity
  12. Black Friday Bake Sale
  13. Black Friday Kids Carnival
  14. Books-Music-DVDs Sell, Trade and Swap
  15. Car Detail and Pinstripe Day
  16. Car Wash and Bake Sale
  17. Career, Job and Networking Fair
  18. Cat Photo and Video Expo
  19. Cat Furniture Building Workshop
  20. Chiropractic Family Day
  21. Christmas Bake Sale

  22. 21-30 Fundraising Event Ideas for Charity
  23. Church Bake Sale
  24. Comic Book Fair
  25. Computer Repair Workshop
  26. Craft and Bake Sale
  27. Crawfish Boil
  28. Cruise Ship Auction
  29. Cupcakes Bake Sale
  30. Dogs Dress-Up and Pageant
  31. Easter Egg Hunt and Bake Sale
  32. Election Day Bake Sale

  33. 31-40 Fundraising Event Ideas for Charity
  34. Election Day Picnic
  35. Fall Bake Sale
  36. Family Dance Marathon
  37. Family Food Fight Fiesta
  38. Family Rock-and-Roll Run Day
  39. Family Walk Day
  40. Family Yoga Retreat
  41. Flamingo Flocking Event
  42. Full Moon Downtown Walk
  43. Full Moon Rave

  44. 41-50 Fundraising Event Ideas for Charity
  45. Get-Out-Of-Debt Workshop
  46. Homeopathic Medicine Fair
  47. Farmer's Market Barter Fair
  48. Father's Day Bake Sale
  49. Golf Tournament
  50. Groundhog Day Bake Sale
  51. Halloween Bake Sale
  52. Halloween Haunted House
  53. Healthy Stew Cook-Off
  54. Holistic Community Health Fair

  55. 51-60 Fundraising Event Ideas for Charity
  56. Independence Day Bake Sale
  57. International Beer Celebration
  58. Kids Bake Sale
  59. Kids Dance Festival
  60. Kids Martial Arts Workshop
  61. Kids-Only Masked Ball
  62. Kids Yoga Festival
  63. Lego Fun Day and Contest
  64. Masquerade Party for Singles
  65. Monkey Bread Bake Sale

    61-70 Fundraising Event Ideas for Charity
  1. Mother's Day Bake Sale
  2. Motivational Goal Setting Weekend
  3. Neighborhood Block Party
  4. New Year's Day Healthy Bake Sale
  5. Nursery Rhyme Karaoke Contest
  6. Organic Soup Kitchen
  7. Pasta-Making Party
  8. Peace Day Bake Sale
  9. Peace Day Carnival
  10. Peace Day Fun Fest

  11. 71-80 Fundraising Event Ideas for Charity
  12. Peace Day Picnic
  13. Pet Health Day Organic Food Expo
  14. Pet Walk Parade
  15. Pizza Kitchen
  16. Psychic Reading Fair
  17. Recycled Arts and Crafts Fair
  18. Recycled Costume Fancy Dress Party
  19. Reiki in the Park
  20. Renaissance Fair
  21. Resume Writing Workshop

  22. 81-90 Fundraising Event Ideas for Charity
  23. School Bake Sale
  24. Scrap-booking Escape
  25. Snowman Treats Bake Sale
  26. Spring Day Bake Sale
  27. Spring Day Celebration
  28. Summer Fruit Juice Buffet
  29. Summer Day Iced Coffee Extravaganza
  30. Summer Day Iced Tea and Smoothie Contest
  31. Summer Vacation Celebration
  32. Summer Vacation Splash Park

  33. 91-100 Fundraising Event Ideas for Charity
  34. St. Patrick's Day Bake Sale
  35. St. Patrick's Day Cookie Sale
  36. St. Patrick's Day Festival
  37. TaiChi in the Park
  38. Tax Day Bake Sale
  39. Teacher Appreciation Day Carnival
  40. Tie-Dye Art Show
  41. Valentine's Day Flowers, Candy and Bake Sale
  42. Wii and Wine Night
  43. XBox Live Fun and Games Contest

This fun and profitable charity fundraising idea, a wishing well fundraiser, is a wonderful addition to any of the above charity events.

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