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Fundraising T-Shirts

Fundraising T-shirts are a wonderful, practical, WEARABLE way to get word of your organization out there. Plus they bring in LOTS of extra revenue. 

And if you choose the right company to make your T-shirts, there is NO COST and NO RISK to your group at all.

So you have nothing to lose by giving a T-shirt fundraiser a try!

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fundraising t-shirts

How a T-Shirt Fundraiser Works

The company I recommend working with is Ink to the People.

The way it works is simple.

You visit Ink to the People's website and design your shirt

You don't have to be an expert. The site has a fun 'design' tool that makes it easy.

If you're struggling, though, you can contact their customer service department. They will help you create a t-shirt that's PERFECT for your group. 

And guess what?

That service is free, too!

Next, you set a fundraising goal

By deciding how much you need to raise, you allow Ink to the People's system to work out how many t-shirts you will need to print, and the minimum amount required by the end of the campaign.

Now you're up and running... and it's time to promote your t-shirts

Promote your fundraising t-shirts via every avenue open to you. 

Tell everyone on your Facebook page, your followers on Twitter, and via your website.

Email all your supporters. 

T-shirts are available for men, women and children, so EVERYONE can take part.

When the campaign is coming to an end, remind everyone that time to order is running out fast!

Finally, Ink to the People prints the orders

They then ship the t-shirts to your customers... and send YOU the check for your profits.

Selling Fundraising T-Shirts is a Technique from which Everyone Benefits

  • Your customers are happy with their new t-shirts

  • By wearing their t-shirts, your customers are promoting your group or organization everywhere they go

  • Your group receives the profits from the sales

These t-shirts are especially great for churches, as wearing the shirts also helps to share the Christian message.

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fundraising t-shirts

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