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Creative Babysitting Flyers

Customize these fun and creative templates for babysitting flyers. They are an excellent way to advertise and promote your babysitting business or babysitting fundraisers.

All of these flyers are from Zazzle.com - once you click on the flyer, you'll be taken to the Zazzle website where you can add your customization and place your order. Delivery is fast and the flyers are of exceptional quality!

Babysitting Promotional Tear Sheet Flyer

I strongly recommend tear sheets for promoting your babysitting business. Enabling customers to easily take away your telephone number is better than hoping your potential customers have a pen - or a good memory - when they see your flyer!

Need a BabySitter? Flyers

Baby Sitter Flyer

Baby Sitter Flyer Fun Zebra Print

Mod Birds Babysitter Advertisement
Personalized Flyer

The Fun BabySitter Who Cares Flyer

Kids Playing Outdoors on a Sunny Day
Full Color Flyer

Bright Eye Heart
I Love Being a Babysitter Flyer

Teen Queen Babysitting Service Flyer

Bumblebee Theme Child Care Flyer

Babysitting Custom Tear-Sheet Flyer

Babysitting With Love Tear-Sheet Flyer

Cozy Nest Child Care Flyer

Child Care Flyer with Tear-Off Info

Ladybug Theme Child Care Flyer

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Babysitter's Business Kit (American Girl Library)

This kit includes everything you'll need for a successful babysitting business. It includes business cards, an address book to keep track of all your clients, a game pad, reward stickers (one of the BEST ways to guarantee good behavior from little ones), parent checklists and more!

The Babysitter's Survival Guide: Fun Games, Cool Crafts, and How to Be the Best Babysitter in Town

This invaluable book is packed with advice on finding clients; getting jobs; entertaining, feeding, bathing, and lulling children to sleep; kid-friendly recipes to tempt the picky eater; cool and fun activities for all ages to enjoy; how to handle tears and tantrums... and lots more!

American Red Cross Babysitter's Training Handbook

This book is a 'must have' for the serious babysitter. It contains the Babysitter's Training CD-ROM and a first aid training kit, which comprises 2 muslin triangular bandages, 2 gauze pads and 1 roll of gauze. Safety is of paramount importance when caring for children and this kit ensures you're prepared!